Coffee lesson

decaf mac half topped up

I thought I knew my coffee.

I did.

I live in Perth.  We know our coffee.  We just do.

Long black, long mac topped up, cappuccino, latte, flat white… yeah we’ve seen it all.

So what’s that?

That, I was reliably informed on Saturday,  is a long mac half topped up.  Decaf.

Not heard of it?

Long mac = double shot.  Usually with milk added to the top of the glass = topped up.

But that’s too milky according to my friend.

Half topped up.


What is the point of a double shot of decaf coffee?

Coffee in Subiaco

Coffee in Subiaco

This Sunday we pootled over to Subiaco for a coffee in one of our favourite coffee shops – Brew Ha.

Truth be told we’d be tempted to move back to Subi because we just love the ambiance and well… the coffee.

Coffee table

We also popped in to see some family friends as Groover was being computer consultant and helping with their (ancient) laptops – yes, if your laptop is more than 6 years old, it’s ancient.

Coffee with Hamish

While the Groovy one was making cyber magic, I went for a walk to see what caught my eye.

Subiaco Hotel

Peeling posters

When we got home we decided we really should investigate why our aerial was leaning at such an odd angle.

Roof works

And we discovered that it was bolted to a rotten piece of wood.

So rotten I could put my finger through it.

Frankly I’m surprised it stayed up as long as it had.

But I’m a busy girl so I left my handyman to it and swanned off to Theatresports dahling where we had a great workshop and a much better night on stage.


And really.

Could the world be a bad place with this beauty in it?


Aerial by the way – now straight and true – thanks to Groover and Son Pty Ltd.

How I get to work

The last thing I do before leaving home every morning is fill my coffee cup for the drive to work.

I love my coffee machine.  If Groover and I ever split up I think custody of the coffee machine might be a contentious issue.

And today I’m back at work.

I’m not unhappy about it. It’s going to be 38C today and I get to sit in air-conditioning ALL day.

I’m wearing a dress I made over the Christmas break from material my friend and colleague gave me – she’s the one I did sewing lessons with.

It includes several of the features we did in sewing class – pockets, darts, set in sleeves, invisible zip, so I enjoyed putting those lessons into practice.

It’s a bit short though. I think I’m going to add a border to the base of it.

Photo will come soon.

It’s kind of nice being at work over the Christmas break – a relaxed pace and because everyone is on holidays – no annoying phone calls!

Oh and while I have you – check out these photos of my recent lunch with The Food Pornographer. She takes such delicious photos – mine were rubbish!

Yes of course you have to take photos of food when you’re with TFP!