The death of blogging?

My hair has grown, I have new glasses.  Yep it really has been a while since we chatted.

this is me

Back in 2007/8 I was a daily blogger. No detail of my life too boring or mundane to inflict upon the world… and you dear reader.

My opinion on who should go in Big Brother.  Things seen on walks around the burb.  Book reviews.   Random comments.

Sometimes there were photos, sometimes there were not.

But there ALWAYS was something.

Then Facebook happened.

Yes of course I blame Facebook.  Is that lame?

All those little things that caught my eye are now on my FB profile.

The photos so easy to upload.

I can share the bits I want to with the people I want to and they don’t have to come searching for it.

All the comments.  All the likes!

It’s… seductive.

So my blog has been neglected.

Reserved for the important things.  Things that are worthy of more than a sentence, a photo.  Which means… nothing gets posted at all.

And yet.

And yet I see others still blog.  Where’s My Glow?  Karen Cheng.  The Food Pornographer.

What’s their secret?  Are their lives so much more interesting than mine?  Is it having a theme?

My life is all eat, sleep, row, repeat.

Well that and work.

I feel like I’m boring you when I write about it.

And now here comes the epiphany:  In 2007/8 when had enough material to blog everyday, I was doing practically the same as I am today.  (just replace rowing with bridge)

I didn’t go on particularly interesting trips.  I didn’t have so many more fascinating encounters.  I wasn’t any more interesting than I am now.

So… it must be Facebook.

Has social media killed the blogging star?


(obviously I’m not referring to myself as a star… simply referencing that old Buggles tune)

The GoPro obsession

First of all… hello! Long time no see. But you see I just paid for the next two years hosting so I may as well make the most of it and bloody write something.

What’s changed since we last chatted…

herb gardenWell the herbs have got bigger. I’ve eaten lots of them. Not sure anyone else is picking them… but they are still welcome to.

It’s been a long hot summer and the garden is suffering for it.

And I have a new toy which I am obsessed with.

I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and so far have the following accessories:

  • chest harness
  • floaty back
  • head strap
  • homemade cap mount
  • extra batteries, charger and car charger
  • vented helmet strap (this was a mistake)
  • extra bolts
  • frame
  • tripod mount
  • flex jaws clamp (still to arrive)

Do I need all those things… yikes!

My old laptop is struggling to cope with the videos so my son is cobbling together a more powerful computer and my dad is making a case for it.

This has become a very expensive toy.

But I’m having fun with it.

The Goose Saturday from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Friday in The Goose from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Rowing on the Swan with my GoPro from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Podcast Confirmed


You know when famous people say “my mum is my greatest fan”?

Well there’s a chance they’re right.

My son now creates a podcast every week.

On gaming.

And religiously I listen every week.

Yes. Because I am his mother.

What? You think I am interested in DOTA2??!


But I am interested in him. He’s my son.

And here’s something I didn’t realise after nearly 25 years in radio.

(Well I kind of did but it’s only as I write this that it’s really crystallised it for me.)

You reveal A LOT of yourself on radio.

Sure you think you’re just talking gardening/politics/cars/economics/surfing/fishing/gaming… no.

I listen to Podcast Confirmed and I hear about my son’s life.

I hear his relationship with his friends.

I hear his growing independence and confidence.

His sense of humour and his kindness.

I hear another side to this person that I’ve spent the last 18 years with.

And I’m glad to know this person.

Okay, I’m also learning a bit about gaming.

Of course the poor boy does have a mother who works in radio so he gets some feedback…


I think he knows I’m proud of him.

Probably his greatest fan.

Out of the habit

Christmas Dinner

Is Christmas really over?

I’m out of the habit of blogging regularly and finding it hard to get inspiration… so I thought I’d do that old trick of just typing away – stream of consciousness like – and see what happens.

I love hosting Christmas but I also love my house back to normal the day after Christmas after all the empties have been taken out to the recycling and the dishes finally done, extra tables hidden away and the crunchy floor cleaned.

In the days since we’ve been chilling out the back lolling on the couches under the patio we built last year, occasionally jumping in the pool to bring down the core body temp (it is over 40 every day for the next four), lighting the candles in the evening and enjoying the odd glass of wine.

It’s been lovely having my brother and his family to stay too.  Their little one is uber-cute.  Just the cutest 3-year-old ever.  And even though I know I’m going to be approached again and again to play animal matches, or go for a swim, or watch the spelling game stars I don’t care because she is so adorable.

They’ve gone down south for a few days now and the house seems strangely empty.

This year we did a couple of things to encourage “groupness”.

Groupness is a term I picked up from a facilitation course this year.  Basically when you have a new grouping of people it’s important to get them to interact quickly and share.  Sharing is more likely if the peeps feel part of a group.

Groupness can be created in any number of ways…

For example… name tags… not really appropriate for family dinner…

This year we did souvenir holiday teeshirts designed by my artist brother

Me modelling the holiday tee

And a dancing video.

If you’ve seen Where the Hell is Matt? you will know the inspiration.

I asked my invited guests and extended family that weren’t coming to the evening to send in snippets of video of themselves so that I could mash them into a video to play on the night.

That way peeps who couldn’t come would still be part of the group… and those who were there would feel part of the group – having gone through the shared experience (pain and humiliation?) of dancing in public.

I guess I’m an extrovert because I loved doing the dancing videos, others felt it wasn’t such a cool thing, but everyone sent something in.

Unfortunately I ran out of time but I delegated (another management technique) to my niece (not the 3-year old) and the video was lovely.

Even the too-cool-for-school teens admitted it was fun in the end and I think – should I ask them to participate in one of my crazy groupness exercises next time – they might find it easier to say yes, lets!

UPDATE: Here is the link to the video. 🙂

OMG.  I’m at the end of a post and I had something to say after all.

Maybe the habit is stronger than I thought…

Um… hello?

I haven’t been here for a while and there have been some problems… down there…

Well not my “down there” but the “down there” of this website… the back end.  The engine room.

But I think we’re back on track and as soon as I work out how to fix the images on this thing we might even have a proper working blog.


My “down there” was much easier to fix.

Just saying.


(Too much?)

Why Twitter may save live television

I am really enjoying the Olympics.

Me. Not known for liking to watch sport. Indeed, I’d much rather catch up with an episode or two of Project Runway.

The marathon, the diving, the trap shooting (possibly if they ever showed it), the equestrian events.

I love it.

Especially the rowing.

But why And why these Olympics?

Today as I sat on my lardy arse, tablet on my knee, glass of wine by my side, watching London 2012, it came to me. Twitter.

Watching sport is so much more fun with your friends.

Or even, random people you hardly know.

It’s why people still go to cinemas. To the footy when there’s a much better view on the telly.

It’s the collective experience.


It could be the savior of live television.

I rarely watch live tv.

I can’t stand the ads so everything I watch is recorded.

But I do make an appointment at 7.30pm on Monday to watch QandA.

Sure I could watch it at 9.30 but if I watch it in real time I can participate in the giant virtual theatre known as Twitter.

I may never get a tweet on the telly, but I can comment and discuss the show with everyone else as we all watch it together.

I see the comments on Masterchef on my way home from work… And I feel ripped off.

I have to wait two hours to catch up.

It puts me off watching.

But if I could watch it live, I might even tune in and put up with the ads, just to participate.

So here’s my theory.

For live television to survive, it has to become event television. Appointment television.

We are seeing the beginnings now.

But I think Drama could go the same way.

Find a reason for us to chat during the show and I’ll tune in live.

Just saying.

And meantime…

Go Aussies!

Food blog you should visit

I went down to rowing this morning… It was my daughter’s first day and I’m down to help with the breakfast next week so I thought I should find out what I was supposed to do.

Dippity emerged dripping and happy.

As a first timer she was in a single scull (is that what they are called?) presumably until she can learn not to fall in.

Waiting for the girls to come up for breakfast I caught up with Kathryn who I have known since St Georges’ days.

She has a blog which I will be making a firm favourite.

Family Meal Rescue

And if any family is in need of rescuing, food wise, it’s us.

I am going to try this chicken recipe tomorrow night.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Proscuitto, spinach, bocconcini roast chicken with roasted tomatoes from Family Meal Rescue

Actually a few of the mums are thinking about learning to row – why should the kids have all the fun?

Hmmm interesting.