The GoPro obsession

First of all… hello! Long time no see. But you see I just paid for the next two years hosting so I may as well make the most of it and bloody write something.

What’s changed since we last chatted…

herb gardenWell the herbs have got bigger. I’ve eaten lots of them. Not sure anyone else is picking them… but they are still welcome to.

It’s been a long hot summer and the garden is suffering for it.

And I have a new toy which I am obsessed with.

I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and so far have the following accessories:

  • chest harness
  • floaty back
  • head strap
  • homemade cap mount
  • extra batteries, charger and car charger
  • vented helmet strap (this was a mistake)
  • extra bolts
  • frame
  • tripod mount
  • flex jaws clamp (still to arrive)

Do I need all those things… yikes!

My old laptop is struggling to cope with the videos so my son is cobbling together a more powerful computer and my dad is making a case for it.

This has become a very expensive toy.

But I’m having fun with it.

The Goose Saturday from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Friday in The Goose from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Rowing on the Swan with my GoPro from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

My first time in Bali, told live without notes

So The Bird was a revelation.

What a great venue.

Small, intimate – yet with quite a lot of seating.

Cute bar.

Great acoustics.

(a little warm – but hey it’s winter soon… please tell me winter is happening this year)

It was the first night of Barefaced since the Blue Room season ended and we were all pretty hyped up.

Would anyone come?

What would the venue be like?

Would our stories be any good?

Can I remember my story??

No notes remember.

And how would the “out of the hat” idea work?

Well it was a great success IMHO.

First, the venue was packed, and thanks to those of you who came along to support me, and the other story tellers of course.

The venue was great.

Our stories were good – and I remembered (most of) mine.

And the out of the hat idea where two wildcard storytellers were drawn out on the night to tell their stories worked too.

Highlights – Shirley’s reaction when she wins the blue ribbon, Andrea’s Chooky Fowler (OMG hilarious!), Alison telling how she wagged school and was sent to hospital was classic and George’s trekking tale brought back some memories – I related!

The next session is last Tuesday of April – which is the day after Easter – and the theme is Heroes and Villains.

If you want to have a go – go to the website – and come along to our workshopping sessions – the more the merrier!

You can hear my first story here.

Alison’s vagina

I was witness to a very special moment this weekend at a barbecue celebrating our storytelling success at the Blue Room… watch out for Barefaced Stories at a pub near you soon!

Alison with her newly discovered vagina

The backstory:

A few weeks ago, Ali and I signed up for a storytelling course… you remember that nude beach story… that course…

Anyway during that course Alison told this fabulous story about how as a 19 year old girl fresh from the country she met an artist (read: picked up an artist from a bustop) and how he was keen to sculpt her vagina.

The story is fabulous and when the podcast is out I will share it here.

So I won’t go into details… but after she told that story, two other participants decided they HAD to find the sculpture.

I had the same idea and I was going to use social media to find it but they were far more practical.

The guy who found it – lets call him Sean – just went round to the house and asked the guy living there if it was still around. The guy said he’d look and three days later Sean drove past and saw it on the verge ready for him to pick up.

Alison had no idea.

And no one told her.

For hours we watched and waited for her to notice the small “half-a-carton” sized piece of limestone on the grass.

When the moment came, her reaction was priceless.

Witness for yourself.

Why I don’t have any more teacups

Just a video today.

This is one of my favourites from my daughter’s early days.

Here she’s about 14 months old.

A determined wee lassie.

Many people can’t watch this film without wincing.

I’m not sure what it says about my parenting style but I can assure you that no children – or for that matter teacups – were hurt in the making of this video.

I hope you love it.