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I went down to rowing this morning… It was my daughter’s first day and I’m down to help with the breakfast next week so I thought I should find out what I was supposed to do.

Dippity emerged dripping and happy.

As a first timer she was in a single scull (is that what they are called?) presumably until she can learn not to fall in.

Waiting for the girls to come up for breakfast I caught up with Kathryn who I have known since St Georges’ days.

She has a blog which I will be making a firm favourite.

Family Meal Rescue

And if any family is in need of rescuing, food wise, it’s us.

I am going to try this chicken recipe tomorrow night.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Proscuitto, spinach, bocconcini roast chicken with roasted tomatoes from Family Meal Rescue

Actually a few of the mums are thinking about learning to row – why should the kids have all the fun?

Hmmm interesting.

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  1. I agree – rowing looks like much too much fun for it just to be for the kids! We’ve just finished our girls’ first rowing season – it’s a summer sport here in Victoria. I had underestimated the amount of parental involvement required…particularly when the regattas are held in Geelong each Saturday! 🙂 And all that scone baking…

  2. Scones?? No-one said anything about scones!!!

    (might have to pull out old recipe from my aunt which uses cream and a can of lemonade…)

  3. just catching up on your blog…

    I gave rowing a try in the couple of years between having kid #1 and kid #2. Then I picked it up again a few years ago. The early mornings were killer, but OH what a joy to glide out on that mirror-lake each week! It is a lovely, calming, relaxing, hell of a work out. I highly recommend it and I miss it terribly. (I could never find a crew of ladies who were as tall as me – you need to be similar sizes so your strokes are equal in length). You’ve almost inspired me to give it another go… but… we’re just coming into the cooler months and I live in Canberra… hmmm… maybe Spring?

  4. I got involved in rowing when Hayley decided she wanted to do it. Five years later I’ve decided it’s one of the worlds great sports, especially for young girls. I row occasionally with four other dads, just socially, on the Torrens among the swna s on Sunday morning. Great stress relief. I hope it works out.

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