First world problem: glasses in the rain

I don’t know if you know dear reader, but I am now wearing glasses full time.

Four eyes

Which has been fine because the weather has been fine.

But today it rained.

And of course my glasses fogged up and got covered in raindrops.


And of course those of you who have seen me daily wrestling with my overstuffed handbag to find my pass, keys, wallet, playing cards, headphones, phone, other phone, book, kindle, nail file, water bottle, book would realise that a quick dip into my bag to pull out my glasses case and get out the special little glasses shammy to clean them is just not possible.

Just another first world problem to put up with.

When I first got my glasses, some were kind enough to point out my resemblance to the character of Velma in Scooby Doo.

In fact, when I, AS A JOKE PEOPLE, used a photo of Velma as my avatar on Facebook, you commented “Great photo” not realising that it was Linda Cardellini.

My alter ego

I don’t even suit orange (although I do like that funky little utility belt).

Still.  It could be worse.

Original Velma

People who wear glasses – what do you do about the rain problem?

Weather with you

Rainy Royal Street

You can tell it has been a dry winter when I’m blogging OMG it’s raining posts.

OMG it’s raining!

No really.

It is.

It is sooooo nice to see the rainwashed pavements, to see the thundercloud gloom spread through the big picture windows of the office.

Yes I have raised the blind to let in more light and watch the rain sheet across my vision.

But then.

I could have predicted rain this end of October.

It always rains around my birthday.


I predict the traffic will be woeful this afternoon.

Perth can’t handle the rain!  (she says in her best Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men style)

Perth motorists plus puddles equals traffic chaos

It’s raining it’s pouring

Or at least it was when I was trying to walk home…

Two commuters cower under the shelter at Cottesloe Train Station as the rain pours down.

What better way to follow a post about sex than by talking about the weather?

I watched the line of showers all afternoon at work knowing that in all liklihood it would be raining when I got home.

This is the radar image from the BOM website showing a line of showers over Perth

And even though I could see the drops of rain dripping down the windows of the train outside I wasn’t prepared for just how heavy the rain was when the doors opened.

Course I couldn’t get my brollie open before the doors closed so like the rest of the startled and unprepared commuters I ran to the small shelter.

Only in Perth do people wait for the rain to stop and, once I’d ascertained that there was no chance on my husband coming to pick up his soggy damsel in distress I wrestled with said umbrella, zipped up all my bags and set off home.

And you know I would have got home relatively dry – apart from the bottom third of my trousers – except for that tosser who went through an enormous puddle and sprayed me with water as I walked innocently past.

Still the rain is nice I guess.

Later I saw a national weather map with a fairly impressive low over the south west.

Cool huh?

(okay I realise that only my fellow fans of the weather channel will be excited about this)

This radar image shows the south of Australia including a spectacular low over the south west

The day after the rain

On Sunday, the sky was the deepest blue:

Umbrella Tree

Then yesterday Perth had the worst storm certainly since 1994 – a storm which knocked over our back fence and uprooted our tree – and probably since 1978’s Cyclone Alby.

The storm was intense where I was and I was nowhere near the centre.

In the city the hail was fingernail size rather than tennis ball sized but the hail came in horizontally and the rain was very heavy.

The thunder cracked the sky causing the ground to shudder and the lightning was intense and frightening.

I was in my car.

With the traffic a nightmare – Perth was in gridlock – I decided I would do more good if I went back to work to help out.

I got home about nine thirty.

By that time the roads were clear – clear of traffic – but covered with debris.

We were lucky – no damage.

Groover who was in Floreat at the time of the hailstorm had parked undercover and his car was spared the very large hail that fell there.

Early Morning Clouds

This morning the sky was blue with a few Simpson like clouds scudding across the sky.

The air felt fresh and washed.

But it soon became hot and humid.

We expected more storms today but they didn’t seem to happen, well not near me.

It made for a beautiful sunset.


Dust Storm near Mukinbudin

Driving home on Tuesday after a beautiful morning at Elachbutting Rock – photos to come – we drove through a vicious dust storm.

Dust storm near Mukinbudin

At first we thought it might be the rain that had been promised but it wasn’t until we’d passed Trayning that the rain started hitting the windshield and then it was constant windshield wiper action all the way back to Perth.

I only hope that rain continued to head east to Mukinbudin and beyond to where it is desperately needed.

A wet day in Perth

Wet Day

The reticulation has been turned off and the sound of raindrops on the skylight keeps me company as I blog and wonder how I’m going to get my washing dry in time for our camping trip tomorrow.

Rainy day in paradise

raindrops in the pool

I’m not one to complain – wait… yes I am – anyway today it’s the first real day post daylight savings and I must say… I miss it!

It’s SO dark SO early. I feel like I’ve stepped from summer to winter in one fell swoop.

Of course it wasn’t helped by the fact that it was a rainy rainy day thanks to Cyclone Pancho. (31.6 mm since 9am this morning)

Maximum temp in my suburb of 16C (what’s that about? – this is Perth people!).

I got home from work, cold, sniffly and waited no more than two seconds before slipping off my sandals for my trusty ugg boots. I love you my ugg boots… smooches.

We had pasta for dinner and now I feel back in the land of the living – should be mostly fine tomorrow and yes, alright… we need the rain.

One thing that really cheered me up was the fact that South Park is now online – although sadly, not yet in Australia.

Petrichorically speaking…

A withered leafIt’s hot in Perth today. Sticky, muggy, please will you just rain and get it over with, kind of hot. And we don’t have air-conditioning except for the bedroom and my computer where I have been working from home at is not in the bedroom.

I’m at home because my daughter, due to start school today at a brand new school, is sick. Was sick. Was sick with fear I think and worked herself into a knot creating a fever, headache and vomiting. She didn’t sleep last night with these symptoms and so today, reluctantly, I let her stay home.

Now that she’s better, she agrees that she probably was a little nervous.

Of course missing the first day makes it even harder for herself – but what could I do? She was fast asleep after a long night of feeling sick. And what if she really had a virus? The parents would not have thanked me.

Anyway she’s going tomorrow and in bed early tonight.

Ah thunderstorms! But they are not making things any cooler. A few spots of rain have fallen and dried before they hit the ground, baking hot after a week of stinking +35C days. (hence my title – thanks to Loz)