First world problem: glasses in the rain

I don’t know if you know dear reader, but I am now wearing glasses full time.

Four eyes

Which has been fine because the weather has been fine.

But today it rained.

And of course my glasses fogged up and got covered in raindrops.


And of course those of you who have seen me daily wrestling with my overstuffed handbag to find my pass, keys, wallet, playing cards, headphones, phone, other phone, book, kindle, nail file, water bottle, book would realise that a quick dip into my bag to pull out my glasses case and get out the special little glasses shammy to clean them is just not possible.

Just another first world problem to put up with.

When I first got my glasses, some were kind enough to point out my resemblance to the character of Velma in Scooby Doo.

In fact, when I, AS A JOKE PEOPLE, used a photo of Velma as my avatar on Facebook, you commented “Great photo” not realising that it was Linda Cardellini.

My alter ego

I don’t even suit orange (although I do like that funky little utility belt).

Still.  It could be worse.

Original Velma

People who wear glasses – what do you do about the rain problem?

6 Replies to “First world problem: glasses in the rain”

  1. Another trap for new players is when you get prescription sunglasses. Don’t put your sunglasses on your head while your hair is wet. You will do it. And you will regret it.

    Perhaps you could cultivate a habit of wearing gloves in the cooler weather with a little rubber windscreen wiper on the end just like some ski gloves do (for the fogged up goggle problem you see).

  2. If it’s pouring, I take my glasses off then wipe them with a tissue when I’m back indoors and need to put them on again. I keep a packet of plain tissues (ie not the aloe vera ones, they smudge) and a bottle of glasses cleaner in my handbag at all times. My glasses get filthy, I don’t know how, they just do.

  3. Ah that is a great tip about the Aloe Vera tissues (my faves). I am carrying glasses cleaner too but I can never find it in my stupid handbag! 🙂

  4. It’s probably not a good habit of mine, but I clean my glass with the side of my t-shirt/singlet… Usually I’m wearing cotton. Unless I have tissues handly, then I use them. Esp for just rain I don’t think it matters. Probably is I nearly always clean my glasses that way (oh, and in the shower. I’m so blind without, I even wear my glasses for most of my showers!).

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