Sofa v Zombie

Zombie daughter

Yes. Supernova.

So last Sunday Miss Dippity got up early (while I was at rowing) mixed up a pot of pink food colouring, glucose syrup and cocoa powder and turned into a zombie.

The blood effect was quite effective.

Unfortunately it was also quite effective at GETTING ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

Which was fine because mostly we were talking hard surfaces and they are easily cleaned.

But just as she was leaving she tripped over the couch and we ended up with “blood” on the sofa.

Our sofas covered at great expense by the management in beige.

(well it’s probably called sandstone or something fancy but it is effectively beige)

Not wanting to waste a minute at Supernova, she quickly flipped the cushion over and ran for the train.

Unfortunately her crime was soon discovered after Groover followed her sticky red footprints through the house.

My zombie daughter was in trouble.

I admit that even though we chose the fabric because of it’s stain resistant and easy clean properties, I didn’t actually believe it would be that easy.

But it was.

I went to work on Monday.

Groover got out some warm water and hey presto!  (I was seriously impressed and relieved I didn’t have to do it)

We have our beige sofa back.

And our daughter lives.

Sofa 1: Zombie 0