What annoyed me about the latest Harry Potter film

First of all can I just put right up front – I really enjoyed this movie.

I even laughed out loud occasionally.

It was fun.  It was a well scoped version of the book… I’d see it again.

Oh and Alan Rickman – please!  His voice!  I love him.

But I was distracted.

And it detracted from the movie.

It was… annoying.

Tell me what you see in these photos…


Or maybe… what you don’t see…


Can you see what I’m getting at… (that’s a clue by the way).


Okay… well it all changes here…


Get it?

It was annoying because once I noticed it, I kept noticing it.

Stop reading now if you haven’t picked up what I’m talking about and don’t want to.

Still with me?


I love it that you’re still with me…


Here’s the thing:

Half the time Harry’s glasses appear to have no glass in them.

There is just no way they can be THAT clear.

The other half…

They definitely have glass.

Now I get that as a film-maker – those reflections would get in the way of your film.

The lighting must be hell.

But deal with it.

Because, when you don’t…

When you give up and have the second pair of frames ready for those tricky sequences, your audient (er, that’s me) spends the whole movie going:

“There isn’t any glass in those frames…”

And then…

“Oh!  They’ve put the glass in!”

It’s irritating and distracting.

I missed the funny moment in Slughorn’s first gathering…

And of course there is no rewind in the movies…

It spoiled my time in the house people!


Am I the only one?

Slumdog Millionaire

Go and see this movie.

You might think it is some worthy foreign flick but it is not.

It’s gritty, inspiring, pacey, uplifting and shocking all at the same time.

If a film could be a pageturner – this would be.

Compared to the last Hollywood flick I’ve seen – The Dark Knight – well, lets say I got bored half way through this supposed action movie whereas with Slumdog Millionaire I was on the edge of my seat.

It’s the story of a kid from the slums who wins Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but it so much more.  A story of the slums, a love story, a gangster film, a story of police violence, a story of corruption and a story of hope.

Most reviews have been kind to this movie with good reason – it is brilliant.

Not scary enough

You know I liked the Twilight series, so it should come as no surprise to learn I went to the movie.

In fact I went with three other mums in Dippity’s class – with the four girls who sat a few rows in front of us.  Sit with their mothers?  You’ve got to be joking.

The movie follows the plot of the first book pretty closely.  The scenery is breathtaking.  The character of Bella looked exactly like I imagined.

But as you’ll have guess from the title of this post, I felt it lacked a little in the scary department.

Edward goes on and on about being a monster and dangerous to know but he just looks like a cute teenager, and the bits in the book where you “see” the monster just look a bit silly in the movie.

I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more Van Helsing.  A bit more scary teeth and hissing.

Especially in the vampire v vampire scenes.

With the scary scenes looking a bit silly it lost a bit of gravatas for me.

Still that said – sans menace – I enjoyed the film and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do in book 2.

Maybe this time find some money for some CGI.  🙂

Mamma Mia! A Kimberley girl

After a long day at work I thought I’d treat myself by forgoing yet another work dinner – hell I’d had a work breakfast – and head down to Sun Pictures to see a movie.

You can probably guess which one.

I’d missed the season in Perth so I was excited to see it showing on the 6.45 session.  I couldn’t convince anyone to come with me but I didn’t care – Mamma Mia at Sun Pictures sounded like something I just couldn’t pass up.

If you’ve never been to Broome, Sun Pictures is an icon.  It’s an old outdoor cinema – 90 years old – basically a corrugated iron shed with rows of those sling back chairs.  These days it sits directly under the flight path for the airport – and by directly under I mean about 800m from the start of the runway.

It’s quite unnerving to be sitting their under the starts singing away (in my head) to Mamma Mia as a plane roars up flashing with lights landing at Broome airport.  Unnerving but exciting.  Luckily the timing was excellent and lets be honest there are not too many moments that are critically quiet in Mamma Mia.

Oh I loved the film!  Sure it’s scmaltzy but in a good way.  The scenery is beautiful, the singing surprisingly good – especially from Meryl – Pierce is more of a worry – the choreography is excellent.  Any flaws in the film you simply dismiss because you feel so damn good.

After the film finished I decided to find some colleagues and see if they wanted to head out to Goolarri media for the finals of Kimberley Girl.

This is a beauty competition I guess.  The idea is that girls across the Kimberley sign up for a few weeks of deportment, fashion, beauty, self esteem, public speaking training and compete for some – it must be said – terrific prizes… $15,000 pearl jewellery and $2,000 cash for starters.

So while yes it is a model competition it is more about learning to accept yourself and be proud of who you are.

The girls were beautiful and strutted their stuff like they owned the catwalk.  It was empowering just watching them.  The place was packed and the crowd loud and supported.

I had a blast.

The great thing about Broome is that it is so casual… so my – now slightly pink with Pindan – sandshoes can be worn anywhere and with anything. 

People don’t even iron up here.  I think most of the creases fall out with the humidity anyway and boy is it humid!

So you find me lying on my hotel bed, weary yet feeling good, trying to decide whether to go to bed or maybe just read one more chapter of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer – a book I bought for Dippity at the airport and which I’ve totally become immersed in… Have you read the twilight series?

Okay, I’m rambling now.  Catch you soon, CB xx

Have I missed a fashion moment here?

I found this image on Faking Good Breeding who pointed me toward an article on this very subject.

I saw Sex in the City the other night with some girlfriends – as you do – and enjoyed it. No I did. It was fun, flirtatious and frivolous. Perfect chick flickery.


(C’mon you knew there was a but)

What was with the black bra backs? On several occasions Carrie Bradshaw (SJP’s character) wears a low backed dress and has the back of her bra on display.

Since when did that become acceptable?

Who didn’t send me that memo?! Frankly I wish you had because lets face it girls if we don’t have to care that your bra isn’t hidden… doesn’t it make life easier?

Forget all those tricky uphostery jobbies with weird extra long bra straps that wind around you everywhere except your back in order to give you some nipple protection… just show off that bra strap!

No need for dimmers, just wear your good old faithful with your slinky LBD. Preferably black of course.

I thought I was joking too until coming back into the hotel tonight I spied a woman – who must have been past 50 (or not so careful with her skin routine), she was wearing super high heels, peroxided long hair, and a slinky black backless dress with black bra-strap showing.

Now I’m wondering… could this really be a fashion trend?


Swimmer statue in PerthWe’ve had 63 mm of rain in Perth today. The wettest start of April which more than doubles the previous record set in 1964. 90.6mm. W00t. Not good news for those promoting the second desalination plant in Binninup – always easier to get those things through when the dam levels are low, and not good news for those planning today’s Medieval Fayre.

Today I woke up at about 10am… I heard the sports guys on the radio going on about the rain and how it would probably clear by the afternoon in time for the clash between the Dockers and the Eagles and I rolled over and congratulated myself for taking the washing off the line.

I got up briefly. Made myself a coffee and crumpet and slothed back to bed and read a bit more of my (unexpectedly racy) novel.

A girlfried called and we chatted for awhile…

And as we were chatting, there was a knocking at my door…

Another friend had dropped by. I LOVE the drop in, although it was slightly inconvenient as I was as I say, on the phone and in my pjs. I made plans with my friend on the phone to catch up tomorrow, pulled on some jeans and went to see my visitor.

I had a lovely morning. We ended up going to Spotlight where I’m considering buying a sewing machine. Yes yes I know I’m not the world’s most obvious dressmaker and lets face it – do I really have the time – but oh those machines… I just love them. The fancy stitches which I’d never use, the LED lights, the bobbin racks and pull out accessories drawer.

I said to my friend… “Hmmm the NS10 only has a single needle. Do you really need the twin needle option?”

She said yes.


I got home eventually and as I logged online remembered that it was the day of the Medieval Fayre. Hey nonny nonny and all that stuff. Having watched Gladiator (isn’t that a surprisingly good movie?) the night before I was even ready to watch a couple of geeks in armour throwing a sword around. I was.

Pulling the kids in the car we headed off to the city. “Isn’t this exciting!” I enthused as we passed the statue in the river, today sporting a towel and beach spade… “Something new to do together!”

Yes, full of the joys of spring we drove until reaching Supreme Court gardens where we saw the remnants of the fayre packed up. Stacks of white plastic chairs (oh so medieval!). The odd scattered tent. Puddles.

It was only 3.15 and the Fayre was supposed to finish at 5pm. It was so unfayre!

We went to see The Spiderwick Chronicles instead. Which was fayrely entertaining movie.

The Other Boleyn Girl

One of the great things about my job is I get to go to the occassional movie preview. Today as The Police warmed up at the Members Equity stadium nearby, I and a few privileged others – about eight of us in all – were invited to The Jaffa Room. It’s a bit like an oversized home theatre room, but with a proper projector and real films, not dvds, being shown. We knew it was film because a light broke and we had to restart the film and then when the reels were changed had to wait for them to change the film on the projector.

You feel special.

The film was one I have been looking forward to: The Other Boleyn Girl adapted from the book by Philippa Gregory.

From Sony Pictures

If you haven’t read the book – and I do recommend it – this is the story of two sisters. Both desired by the King of England. Both desiring him… but for different reasons, one for love, the other for power. This is at a time when the King is at his prime. Masculine, sexy, handsome, young… well in his mid 30s anyway. His queen – played brilliantly by Ana Torrent – is aging – she’s slightly older than the king but worn out through multiple miscarriages and still births. The King’s eye is set to wander.

It’s a story of how young women are manipulated through marriage and sex for the advancement of families.

Sisterly rivalry.


The thing with historical fiction is you know the ending, but this not often told tale is intriging.

from Sony Pictures

I liked the way Eric Bana plays King Henry: bold, brooding, sometimes petulant, completely entranced and yes sexy.

Scarlett Johannsen is perfect as the younger sister Mary – just 14 when she first comes to court to be offered up to the king.

And Natalie Portman is stunning in her bitchy, scheming, frightened, unravelled girl-queen.

When this comes out late February – if you like historical films at all – it is worth a look.

King Henry does not come out of it well.

The Jane Austen Bookclub – Film and book

The book coverComing home from Sydney the other day I picked up The Jane Austen Bookclub by Karen Joy Fowler. I had a five hour journey and I love Jane Austen so I figured it was the perfect match. 🙂

Settling into my upgraded business class seat (the best use for FF points about to expire) I started to read.

I was immediately sucked in. While you might think it’s a book about reading books it is more than that. It’s about life and love and generational conflict. About being married, about not being married, about relationships. In short it has the same themes as any of your favourite Jane Austen novels. No doubt intended.

Well into the second bookclub meeting, I noticed on someone else’s screens that one of the films showing was in fact The Jane Austen Bookclub, so I grabbed my headphones (sadly I’d forgotton my new noise cancellation headphones that I’d received for Christmas) and plugged in.

The film takes a far less structured form than the book – crafted around the six books as it were – and loses some detail – but still I thought it was a reasonable interpretation and quite a good film. Not a bad chick flick.

The book is easy to read and quite entertaining and has inspired me to read Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park again.

I am smarter than MY fifth grader

And she is smarter than most of the contestants on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?.

I can’t believe how not-smart they are.  Review? It’s quite fun watching it as a family.

We saw Ratatouille tonight.  Great film.  But I still feel a bit icky thinking about rats cooking in a kitchen.  Any kitchen.  Even a cartoon kitchen.  Ewww.

Now, moving on to more important issues.

My Ugg Boots.

Mmmmmmmmm they are so yummy and warm on my tippy toes.  The wool is fluffy under my feet and I feel cosseted and loved…

I love my new ugg boots.

uggboots 001

uggboots 002

Made in Malaga, WA.  (and you get extra soles for later on when the wool goes flat)

Pirates of the Caribbean

We went to see the third Pirates movie yesterday and while it was beautifully filmed etc etc it was a most poorly put together movie. The story was all over the place. Scenes were inserted that just didn’t make sense… like the opener… what was all that about? And Calipso? What a huge lead-up to a very anticlimactic finish. What was going on there? And it took sooooooooooo loooooooooooong.

Actually, don’t bother answering the above questions, I’ve just checked my care factor and as I suspected, it is zero.

The only bit I really liked was the cameo by Keith Richards. Neat.