I am smarter than MY fifth grader

And she is smarter than most of the contestants on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?.

I can’t believe how not-smart they are.  Review? It’s quite fun watching it as a family.

We saw Ratatouille tonight.  Great film.  But I still feel a bit icky thinking about rats cooking in a kitchen.  Any kitchen.  Even a cartoon kitchen.  Ewww.

Now, moving on to more important issues.

My Ugg Boots.

Mmmmmmmmm they are so yummy and warm on my tippy toes.  The wool is fluffy under my feet and I feel cosseted and loved…

I love my new ugg boots.

uggboots 001

uggboots 002

Made in Malaga, WA.  (and you get extra soles for later on when the wool goes flat)