Have I missed a fashion moment here?

I found this image on Faking Good Breeding who pointed me toward an article on this very subject.

I saw Sex in the City the other night with some girlfriends – as you do – and enjoyed it. No I did. It was fun, flirtatious and frivolous. Perfect chick flickery.


(C’mon you knew there was a but)

What was with the black bra backs? On several occasions Carrie Bradshaw (SJP’s character) wears a low backed dress and has the back of her bra on display.

Since when did that become acceptable?

Who didn’t send me that memo?! Frankly I wish you had because lets face it girls if we don’t have to care that your bra isn’t hidden… doesn’t it make life easier?

Forget all those tricky uphostery jobbies with weird extra long bra straps that wind around you everywhere except your back in order to give you some nipple protection… just show off that bra strap!

No need for dimmers, just wear your good old faithful with your slinky LBD. Preferably black of course.

I thought I was joking too until coming back into the hotel tonight I spied a woman – who must have been past 50 (or not so careful with her skin routine), she was wearing super high heels, peroxided long hair, and a slinky black backless dress with black bra-strap showing.

Now I’m wondering… could this really be a fashion trend?