Have you got everything?

So he has left.

My baby, my boy, has gone from being carried in a backpack… to wearing one.

He is doing World Challenge, which means he spends four weeks in India – in the hill country – trekking.

He does a community project at a local school.

And he gets a bit of R&R… maybe going to see the Taj Mahal.

He has his passport, his walking stick, some cash, my sleeping bag and some groovy “wilderness wear” clothes.

He is on an adventure and my heart goes with him.


How to bow – the caterpillar lesson

I’ve been looking at some old family videos which we’ve recently digitised, and came across this one of my son’s second cello lesson.

Here he is learning to bow.

Or not.

My friend The Poshi and I decided we’d share lessons and get our sons learning Suzuki cello.

I even bought a cello to encourage him, though I never learned to play myself.

That’s where the whole Cellobella name came from.

We lasted a year or two but the boys hated it… well my boy did.

I think he was too young.

And in retrospect he must have found reading the music so hard given his undiagnosed need for glasses.

He plays the piano now and I don’t have to force him to practice.

And yes, I still have my cello.

In the back room.

Untouched by human hand for years.

Funnily enough I discovered that my boss also has an untouched cello which she’s never learned to play.

Weird huh?

Keep Cott Beautiful

Seems the Town of Cottesloe read my post about the Michael Jackson litter campaign and decided to update their signage.  Hope it works although I will miss having a giggle at the old posters.

The weather this Christmas break has been beautiful.  High 20s to low 30s.  Crystal clear days.

Not what I’d call shark weather.  You know, those oily November days where the sea is flat and grey.

And yet it has been shark weather.  A fellow got taken off Port Kennedy and yesterday on our walk the authorities pulled everyone out of the water.

It was like a scene from Jaws.  A beautiful beach day with everyone standing on the beach or the groin looking for a fin. 

Five helicopters were circling overhead.

We didn’t see the shark and walked home.

Meantime once again I have proved myself to be a bad mother.

Last night we invited our son’s friend’s parents over for a Christmas drink.

“So did Hugamuga get a good report?” they asked making small talk.



We hadn’t seen his report!!

That’s bad isn’t it?

He did really well I think – 3 A’s in the core subjects… and they are the subjects that count!

Happy Birthday Hugamuga!

My baby is 14 today.

And, poor thing, is lying in his unmade bed today.

You see, Groover and I had birthdays in the last couple of months and the kids did not think it necessary to make a fuss.

No cups of tea, no homemade cards, no thought on the morning of our birthdays.

To be fair, Hugamuga did make a bowl of soup for his father for his birthday but failed to tell him it was his present and it sat, congealing on the stove until Groover chucked it out, not realising it was a gift of love.

And on the afternoon of my birthday I did come home to a lovely present, bought after school.

So this morning was a pretty lame affair.

And Dippity is likewise looking at a fairly quiet day in April.

It’s not like we’re asking for much.  Some fussing, a homemade card, a cup of tea perhaps, presented in bed on the morning of our birthdays is all that is required.

Trust me kids, it’s worth sucking up to your parents.


How can you be angry with a boy like mine?

Me and my boy

I received an email from Hugamuga’s maths teacher today:

Hugamuga did not do very well on his algebra test on Monday, partly due to being away. I told him that some work from him was necessary and I did give him some revision sheets and did tell him to come and see me at lunch time so I could help him, but he never did.

So this modern mother sent her son the email with a please explain request.

I laughed out loud when I got this reply:

errr i will tell the truth 🙁

i thought it would be boring and none of my friends were doing it also in fact nobody and i thought i knew pretty much most of it. 🙁

and with the computing i had alot of interuptions on fridays so i barely got 60% of the lessons

i finished the last assignment just need to send it.

i know its not good enough and your going to be very grumpy when you get home :(!!!

very scared

hugamuga curls up in to a little ball behind the book i won for geography at the assembly and the certificate for getting in the top 5% out of 1.7million who did the science comp.

Cute.  But he still has to go and do a catch up lesson!

Kerching! Hugamuga hits pay dirt

The Burrup

Talking about tertiary education with 13-year-old Hugamuga this evening, Groover was asking what areas of interest Hugamuga was considering at this early stage.

In previous years it’s been botany botany botany.  Take this early exchange aged 4.

Me:  (To The Poshi’s Son – Hugamuga’s friend) What do you want to be when you grow up?

TPS:  A power ranger!

Me:  And what do you want to be Hugamuga?

Hugamuga:  A flower arranger.


Today’s answer included a subject we didn’t expect:  Geology.


A geologist in Western Australia?  That’s a career that will take you places.

(Botany is still up there though)

A little bit of housekeeping

You might have noticed Hugamuga’s comment in the sidebar. That’s my son. Also known as The Orchid Hunter. However I’ve decided to adhere to his online preference and call him by his online handle.

Hugamuga came from a friend of his in primary school – I’m not sure if this friend had looked up the meaning but in fact he was spot on, for Huggermugger means random and disorderly and that, my dear friend, sums up my darling boy. 🙂


So while I’m updating handles – Junior Poshi will now be referred to by her preferred online handle Dippity, which I think comes from Serendipity, a movie she was quite keen on. In fact we are hoping to visit the Serendipity Cafe while in New York.


Footy Trip

Footy Trip Footy Trip Footy Trip Footy Trip

Hugamuga and Groover have gone to Melbourne for the 12s Footy Trip…

Here are some photos… sounds as if they are having a great time. They saw a game at Docklands last night and are at the MCG now. They’ve toured the Essendon Hall of Fame, had a game with some local lads, gone on the MCG tour, seen training at the MCG and will go on to see AFL World.

Footy Trip Footy Trip Footy Trip

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Junior Poshi and I have stayed up late watching videos, seen the latest Harry Potter movie and spent a couple of hours after work in the studios having fun making film review podcasts… coming soon!

Talk of the town

This week a major topic of conversation has been the story of the two boys who nearly got run over by a speeding train. [The West has a video]

Turns out the first boy to run across is in my son’s year at school. His story is that he thought the train coming into the station was “his” train and going to stop. Instead it was the express.

Needless to say we’ve had the chat at home about my preference for my son to be late to school rather than simply being “late”.