White elephants and minstrels

Today I found it really difficult to get up.  I don’t think it was the late night – it wasn’t that late.  I went to see Rachel Berger at the Regal Theatre – which was fun because she got the entire audience to come up on stage – publicity hadn’t been that great and there was only about 100 of us in the enormous theatre.  

Anyway it was hard to get up but Groover encouraged me with a few gentle comments:

“Get up you lazy lump of lard!” 

“Are you still in bed?  I thought you were getting fit?!”

So I got up and we set off on our walk.

It was low tide down at Cottesloe today…

Which was unfortunate really as the Climate Change people were down the beach preaching global warming and rising sea levels and sadly for them… it didn’t look that bad…

They were also there preaching against nuclear power – yes it is the Premier’s electorate and a lovely setting for a rally.

We walked on – it was a beautiful day – the sun was shining, the breeze was offshore and slight…

We walked past the OBH – hang out of rural folk who head to the bright city lights – and of travelling Irishmen. Yes Ken, this photo was taken for you. 🙂

I talk occasionally about the rubbish left by people visiting Cottesloe – it’s a little bugbear of mine – but that’s not to say the council isn’t doing their best.  Although I think they have given up on the Michael Jackson campaign.

Do you think people would throw rubbish at Whacko Jacko if he was seen swimming off Cottesloe Beach?

Maybe that was the problem…

And today I thought I’d take a photo of a group of musicians who sing and play their instruments every weekend outside The Blue Duck.

I don’t know anything about them but I love the fact that they are there.

On the way back we stopped into Lemon Station for breakfast.  The food was excellent, if slow in coming and the orange juice sublime.

Did you know that Valencia oranges don’t go bitter like Navel oranges do when you juice them?  No, neither did I until this week.

To finish today a “Dad Joke” from Groover:

Did you hear about the group of kids who broke into an Asian restaurant and threw loads of fried food around for no reason?

Police are describing the incident as wonton vandalism.

Yep them are the jokes folks – have a great weekend.  I have to study my bridge system card now. I’m playing bridge for the first time this year (!!!) on Monday.  What a life eh?

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  1. I’m glad you got out and about for your walk. How’s it going on the HASAY front? Man, that picture of Michael Jackson is great, is it supposed to be him or is it an unfortunate coincidence?

  2. How bizarre is that MJ bin ?

    Or it could be the creepy looking son of the guy that’s NOT Julian McMahon in Nip/Tuck ( I actually think that kid creeps me out because of his MJ resemblance ! )

  3. Being a relatively new Dad – I’m afraid I’m responsible for the odd Dad joke myself lol

    Ahhh – love a low tide! I was driving down the Freeway – heading for Ozzie Park, when I saw the flats on the Swan looking REALLY exposed – I knew then and there that we should have been making a bee-line STRAIGHT for the beach! Kids love looking in rockpools and having a wander under the high tide mark… and I really miss exploring the reef.

    I will now be planning to take A down to the reef as often as possible… I can’t have him missing that out – it’d be a sin!!!

    Used to help out in a holiday program in Gero with kids, taking them out onto reef platforms to investigate rockpools with a glass-bottomed bucket – they were an instant hit each and every time.


  4. I’m pretty sure they use that same image on the beaches in Barcelona to tell people not to litter! I remember thinking that it looked a bit creepy when I was over there last year (and they have signs bloody everywhere on the beach in ol’ Barcy, warning you about everything…)

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