Keep Cott Beautiful

Seems the Town of Cottesloe read my post about the Michael Jackson litter campaign and decided to update their signage.  Hope it works although I will miss having a giggle at the old posters.

The weather this Christmas break has been beautiful.  High 20s to low 30s.  Crystal clear days.

Not what I’d call shark weather.  You know, those oily November days where the sea is flat and grey.

And yet it has been shark weather.  A fellow got taken off Port Kennedy and yesterday on our walk the authorities pulled everyone out of the water.

It was like a scene from Jaws.  A beautiful beach day with everyone standing on the beach or the groin looking for a fin. 

Five helicopters were circling overhead.

We didn’t see the shark and walked home.

Meantime once again I have proved myself to be a bad mother.

Last night we invited our son’s friend’s parents over for a Christmas drink.

“So did Hugamuga get a good report?” they asked making small talk.



We hadn’t seen his report!!

That’s bad isn’t it?

He did really well I think – 3 A’s in the core subjects… and they are the subjects that count!

6 Replies to “Keep Cott Beautiful”

  1. Those Jaws comments freak me out, I’m so scared of sharks and grew up at the beach.
    I’m making my HASAY rounds… haven’t heckled you too much lately but I’m back on my game. You still with us? Say yes! All of the holiday cookies and such should be out of the house by now so let’s all have a fresh start!

  2. It took me a week to remember that my son should have a report card somewhere in the scary depths of his backpack. The social aspect of school is his priority – maybe that thought is rubbing off on me too.

  3. Casey – yes still with you – am doing colon detox as my kick starter!

    James – you are an ABBA tragic! But… having said that, I wouldn’t mind seeing that campaign in Cottesloe…

    Tracey – I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂

  4. I am much more cautious about going to the beach here in South Australia. I know that I am much more likely to be hit by a bus (or an asteroid), but it freaks me out. I have always been very wary and scared shitless about being eaten by a shark or a crocodile. As far as I know there are no crocodiles, so my odds of a gruesome death on the glorious beaches around Adelaide, just diminished.

    Merry holidays to you and your family. I like the going back to work during the holidays bit. I am not doing it this year.

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