The tale of the emergency underwear

photo of the emergency underwear I bought - comfort bra and briefs

So I’m riding my bike to work and it takes about an hour.  I was listening to the Radiolab podcast about American Football and it was surprisingly interesting.  I mean, Radiolab is always interesting so that wasn’t a surprise but it was a surprise that I was interested in American Football.  Anyway it got to a cliffhanger moment and then my new bluetooth headphones ran out of juice.  (yes you told me that would happen Rory)

As it turned out that was lucky.

Left to the whistling static of the wind rushing past my ears my thoughts turned inward.

I went over my morning so far, and then started thinking about my day at work and what I needed to achieve…

Roster changes, program development, campaign monitoring… which led to what I’d be wearing at work and I thought about the dress I’d popped in my bag and how easy it had been to pack this morning and how streamlined my organisation was and then goldfish like I went back to how I packed my bag and I realised that I might have been a bit too streamlined.

Now I blame Pia for this.  She is the one who sold me her Rotto bike.  A brand new bike with suspension and more gears than you could possibly need.  She’s a serious cyclist.  To underline how different we are as cyclists – I REALLY like the basket on the back of my bike.  I would choose to have a basket.

Anyway she told me that cyclists NEVER wear undies under their padded bike shorts.

Apparently they are specially designed to wick away sweat so if you wear undies you just end up with soggy knickers.

So there I was undie-less on my way to work suddenly aware that when I got to work I would have NO UNDERWEAR.  And my little dress, well let’s just say it’s not a dress you can go commando in.

I was about half way to work so then the dilemma – do I turn back?  Nah that would really delay me getting to work.  Do they sell undies at the local IGA?  Dare I risk it?  Could I get away wearing my sports bra and no undies?  Keep the bike shorts on all day?  Ewww.

Luckily I still had to go through Subiaco and I remembered there was a supermarket that I was pretty sure opened at 8am which would be the time as I cycled past.

Mission Emergency Underwear.

Actually the comfort bra is pretty comfortable.

Fitness fitness fitness

Sunday – Training row with the social gals

Monday – erg training with Evelyn

Tuesday – caught a plane.  Looked in hotel gym – no rowing machine.  Left gym.

Wednesday – caught plane – saw documentary on exercise.  *

Thursday – nothing.

Friday – Training row

Saturday – rowed to regatta and back and 2 races.

* The documentary suggests that to build fitness I should do High Intensity Training.  That is: 3 x 20 seconds of exercise –  flat out – 3 x a week.  Sounds do-able…

Update 2 – Promise I will be more interesting soon

Crumbs it’s dull isn’t it – all this exercise posting… well interwebs sorry… but you did agree to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Well maybe not agree exactly – but you didn’t say no.

This week:

Sunday – social row in a quad
Monday – 3 x 10 min videos (arms with newly purchased weights, pilates and fatblaster)
Tuesday – Training row
Wednesday – nada
Thursday – 3 x 10 min videos (full body, butt workout, scupted arms)
Friday – nothing – very bad but I played bridge the night before and slept badly
Saturday – social row in an 8

So two days with nothing and no cycling although on the cycling front I did pick up a great bike rake for the car from a fellow rower who was looking to get it out of his boot! Win.

Slipping a bit on the old exercise front but next week is another week… Go me.

As far as the videos go I am finding more and more on the internet. Sometimes the person is just too thin and perky for me to cope with, but mostly I find them to be good and even though I say I’m only going to do one, I always get to the end and go… ooooh that looks good maybe I’ll just do one more.

So if you struggle with doing exercise maybe try one of the videos. You might surprise yourself.

Get me more of that Latin rhythm

Not very glamourous but great fun

So every Saturday – except for next Saturday – you’ll find me at the Claremont Town Hall in my combat shorts and singlet and special not very grippy sandshoes, shaking my wild thing to the Latin grooves of Zumba.

I just don’t like those black legging things…

Zumba is a cross between a dance class and an exercise class.

Not as strict as a dance class – as you’ll see from the size of the crowd there is not a lot of individual attention… and not as repetitive as an aerobics class.

The choreography is complicated enough to keep you thinking, but not too hard that you feel like a klutz.

By the second song I’ve usually built up a sweat and by the end I’m wondering where the time went.

Time goes fast when you’re having fun – and I’m usually smiling my way through class.

That’s good because it is practically the only exercise I get all week apart from walking to and from the train station.

Cellobella your name is SLACK.

And I thank goodness for my reconditioned pelvic floor every time I go to class.

I’m hoping one day to have the body of a Zumba instructor – a female one – they are hot hot hot!

In our class there is only one bloke and he stands at the front to get a good view.


Maybe I need to go to class more than once a week…

Zumba is usually followed by coffee with my Zumba classmate and then bridge.

And that, for the most part, takes care of Saturday.

Caught in the act

Since November 2006 I have carefully avoided my former gym, across the road from work in East Perth.  I had been a member there longer than any other gym I’ve been a member of.

I used to find it quite convenient to pop out during lunchtime for a quick half hour workout.

But then I went on holiday to Ireland (yes I’m blaming the Irish) and after that I never really got back into the rhythm of regular exercise.

Hence joining the team at Club HASAY.

So yesterday I had to walk to the bank at the end of the road to get coffee money.  It was a beautiful morning and I was quite pleased that the rediteller downstairs at the cafe was out of order, forcing me into the fresh air.

I got my money and almost skipped along the road to my favourite coffee pot – Punch.

As I neared the corner where my gym is, I blanched.

I’d forgotton to swap to the other side of the street and there, eyeballing me, was my former personal trainer – Dean – who remembered my name…

“Hey Cellobella, how’s it going?  Doing much exercise lately?”

Of course it was obvious that I hadn’t been.

I couldn’t get out of there quickly enough and I came up with the perfect exit line.

“So Dean, when is the next boot camp?”

“Not til January…”

“Oh,” I said, “What a shame… well, better go.  Bye!”

As if I was going to do boot camp.  *snort*

So how is the exercise-diet thing going?

Well I’ve been walking 3-4 times a week but the diet is a bit of a worry… apart from lunch.  The Lunch Club at work is still going strong and really works well.

I’m sitting here now, waiting for my lunch to arrive, waiting for the surprise!

Now if only I could organise a dinner club…

HASAY update

Well I’ve been eating healthily – apart from dessert on the weekend and drinking wine.

And I’ve been walking a lot more.

My friend said I looked like the exercise was working.

And I discovered that people like it if I wear my hair up.

Goals for this week:

To track what I eat
To walk at least 4 times

The working lunch

I’ve been pretty good this weekend. Yesterday I spent five hours weeding in the garden.

It was long overdue – thigh high thistles – and it took me ages to clear just a small section of my garden.

I figured that counted as exercise.

Then, this morning Groover and I went for an 8 kilometre walk. It was a beautiful day. My legs are aching now though.

Unfortunately two days of exercise won’t make up for the five days of slackness before hand but in that time it was my birthday and I made a dress so I figure that counts for something.



Anyway here’s my exciting news which I’m sure will excite my fellow Club HASAYers – especially the ones who work outside the home.

At work we’ve formed a lunch club.

(no, really, this is good… keep reading)

What we do is each day one of us makes lunch for all five in the group. The lunch must be lo-fat and healthy.

It’s brilliant. It’s cheaper than getting lunch from the local cafes, it means we always have a healthy lunch that we don’t have to make and it makes us part of a little community. It means each day we get a surprise. And really – making one salad or five doesn’t really take that much more effort.

My first day is Wednesday and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I’m a bit nervous the girls won’t like my salad. So, any recipes, tips would be gratefully received.

A group half as small as me

One of my new bloggy finds is a blog called Half As Good As You by Casey.

She was moaning about how hard it was to lose weight and somehow in comments a bunch of us decided that maybe online motivation would work. Well why not? Nothing else seems to… for me anyway.

So Club Half As Small As You was born and it’s free – bar a little commitment.

It’s about finding a group of peers who will encourage you to get fit and maybe in the process lose a little of that excess weight… you know, the saddle bags, the love handles, the bingo wings… etc.

To start with – like any old fashioned 12-step program – an acknowledgement of the problem is in order:

My name is Cellobella and I need to get fit and lose weight.

Next – the answer’s to the Club Half As Small As You questionnaire:

1. What motivates you and why do you want to do this challenge? It may be that you’re training to run a 10K or merely just to be able to walk to the mailbox and not break a sweat (don’t worry, I fall on this end of the spectrum).

What motivates me?  Plainly not much. 🙂  However the only success I’ve had is peer pressure.  That is exercising with a group.  I’m doing this challenge because I’ve tried other stuff and it hasn’t worked and who knows… it might even be fun.

2. What is your long term goal? Do you want to lose weight or just tone your body. Are you trying to fit into your old prom dress for your upcoming reunion? Do you want to want to “pump yourself up” like Hans and Frans? Spill it.

I want to want to exercise – and I’m hoping that feeling those endorphins rush around my body from physical activity will become addictive.  In the process losing some weight would be a good thing.

3. What is your long term weight loss goal? You don’t need to tell us your current weight, just how much you’d like to eventually lose. This can be in weight or inches. Jamie and I have a sewing tape measure that we use for our weekly measurements. We got ours in the sewing section at Wal-Mart, if you look at Target, you won’t find it.

10 kilograms would be nice.

4. What tools are available to you? Treadmill, elliptical, jogging stroller, ThighMaster, Trampoline. Maybe a rabid dog to chase the weight off?

Sandshoes.  Bathers.  Goggles. Running shorts.  And I could go to the gym.

5. How often can you exercise? Be realistic here but try to make as much time as possible. This might include stepping AWAY from the blog for a couple of nights a week. I know, *gasp*. I’m crying on the inside too but it needs to be done. Fatty. Ok, that was mean and it won’t happen again. I promise.

3-4 times a week is probably realistic.  I theoretically could exercise every day if I got up early enough.  I find that it has to be in the morning or I don’t.

6. What do you plan on doing? Beer curls, switch the remote to the other hand for a few days, start smoking more. Maybe you want to actually exercise and start eating better? I hear that never works but go ahead and try if you want.

Reduce alcohol intake.  Take salads to work for lunch.  Get up at 6am and go jogging (gasp!).

7. What has worked for you in the past? Let us in on your secrets, what has worked for you before and how you went about it. We won’t tell.

The last time I lost a LOT of weight I was breastfeeding and had managed to contract Giardia… I was also following the “Fit for Life” food combining principals.   Given the first two are out I guess I’ll try healthy eating and exercise.

There. That wasn’t so hard. Want to join us? Head over to Casey’s to find out more.

Oh Pinot Gris you’re just like me

You Are Pinot Gris

More hip than most, you spot trends before they even really get started.
If something is new and unique, you know about it… and you’ve probably tried it.
You have a good number of projects, interests, and relationships – but they are all fleeting.
The world is so appealing and diverse, you can’t help but seek variety.

Deep down you are: A true flirt

Your partying style: Exclusive. You only party with people you’ve personally selected.

Your company is enjoyed best with: A big bowl of pasta

Perhaps it’s because I’m having an alcohol-free week that I was drawn to this blog thing. If I can’t drink it at the very least I can write about it.

Groover has joined me by only drinking beer this week – thanks Groove – your support is awesome.

At least I know the remnants of that St Clair Sav Blanc will still be there when I start drinking again.

The program I’m kind-of-not-really following anymore recommends red wine as it is more filling and better for you. One glass only, you understand, at a time a day.

I went back to the physio today. Turns out he’s a comedian. “Oh yes the only reason we’re always recommending exercise is to pay the mortgage! Ha ha ha.” It’s a bit like a dentist giving you a lolly after having your teeth drilled.

The hip flexor is improving nicely thank you, I might even go for a walk on the weekend.

Don’t want to push things.

Now I wonder how that big bowl of pasta is going to fit into the diet?