The working lunch

I’ve been pretty good this weekend. Yesterday I spent five hours weeding in the garden.

It was long overdue – thigh high thistles – and it took me ages to clear just a small section of my garden.

I figured that counted as exercise.

Then, this morning Groover and I went for an 8 kilometre walk. It was a beautiful day. My legs are aching now though.

Unfortunately two days of exercise won’t make up for the five days of slackness before hand but in that time it was my birthday and I made a dress so I figure that counts for something.



Anyway here’s my exciting news which I’m sure will excite my fellow Club HASAYers – especially the ones who work outside the home.

At work we’ve formed a lunch club.

(no, really, this is good… keep reading)

What we do is each day one of us makes lunch for all five in the group. The lunch must be lo-fat and healthy.

It’s brilliant. It’s cheaper than getting lunch from the local cafes, it means we always have a healthy lunch that we don’t have to make and it makes us part of a little community. It means each day we get a surprise. And really – making one salad or five doesn’t really take that much more effort.

My first day is Wednesday and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I’m a bit nervous the girls won’t like my salad. So, any recipes, tips would be gratefully received.

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  1. That is such a great idea. I first heard of it a few years ago, a bunch of friends in Martha Stewart’s office were doing it. I wasn’t working at the time (off having babies and reading Martha so I couldn’t do it but it seemed so simple and clever I almost wished I could be back at work just so I could join in.

    There are so many salads for summertime and soups for colder months that you could prepare in bulk. I suppose you’ll just need to get yourself a big salad bowl with a lid, and a thermos for the soup. A subscription to delicious. is all you’ll need for recipe inspiration 😉

  2. That sounds like a great idea!

    I had a delicious salad the other day made by my sister in law – it was really simple – blanched green beans, snow peas and fresh peas, chopped hazlenuts and a dressing made of lemon zest, parsley and butter, which melts on the warm vegies. Not sure if the butter disqualifies it from the “lo-fat and healthy” criteria but there’s lots of vegies in there – that’s got to count for something!

  3. Hey, you’re kicking some exercise butt over there. That totally counts. And the lunch club is a great idea! I’m sorry but I have no healthy ideas since my diet is a big fat HASAY no no. Great work though..

  4. Since the weather is cooler this week, you could make soup.

    I have a great recipe for roasted capsicum and tomato soup – all you do is get a baking dish and chop up two red capsicums, one kilo of tomatoes, and one red onion, sprinkle with some pepper, add two to three teaspoons of minced garlic and shred some fresh basil over it all.

    Place it in the oven on about 180 to 200C for an hour. When it’s done, place it in a blender, add one to two cups of vegie stock and one normal spoon of balsamic vinegar, and blend to your preference (I like it a bit chunkier instead of a pureed soup).

    Very healthy, very easy – I make it every weekend and take it into work for my lunch during the week.

  5. One tip comes to mind. Take any salad dressing in a separate container so that people can put on the amount they prefer. Some like a teaspoonful, some like a few drops, some prefer no dressing at all.

  6. What a bloody great idea CB!!!

    I once lived in a Nurses Quarters with – shock horror – nurses when I was an apprentice… and the same problem presented itself. Everyone was trying to share a kitchen as individuals, that meant allocating shelves and cupboard space, a section of the firdges present, even down to spoons knives – tea towels – it was bloody madness, and you always had someone helping themselves to something that wasn’t theirs – denying it till they were blue in the face.

    I couldn’t understand why people wanted to live a separate life, in a shared space such as a ktichen. So i started to offer to cook meals (i actually like to cook)… if people contributed, to the meals, and to the cleaning etc, I shared the meal out to those involved. As I’d hoped – this encouraged others to take part, and once a fortnight we had dinner parties to spoil ourselves! It actually made the quarters a nice place to live, because the shared kitchen area became a fun environment to LIVE in again… it was great while it lasted!

    Simple things often produce the best results eh… I might try it at work – you’ve made me believe it possilbe again – cheers from Karratha mate 😉

  7. Hey Kelley – you only need to find four like-minded souls. 🙂

    Belongum – great story. It is possible. And just lovely to get a surprise lunchbox on your desk 4/5 days. Even lovelier (I hope) to make food for friends. Fingers crossed. And Karratha? You do get around. 🙂

    River – I like that idea for two reasons – one, it means that everyone has to meet in the one place and two, I don’t have any tiny containers to put the dressing in. 🙂

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I’m not working right now but I’m toying with the idea of starting up a dinner group with the same type of system, one person bringing dinner to every family a different day of the week. Good luck with your weightloss! Also, how far is 8 kilometers? I guess I could Google it…

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