Caught in the act

Since November 2006 I have carefully avoided my former gym, across the road from work in East Perth.  I had been a member there longer than any other gym I’ve been a member of.

I used to find it quite convenient to pop out during lunchtime for a quick half hour workout.

But then I went on holiday to Ireland (yes I’m blaming the Irish) and after that I never really got back into the rhythm of regular exercise.

Hence joining the team at Club HASAY.

So yesterday I had to walk to the bank at the end of the road to get coffee money.  It was a beautiful morning and I was quite pleased that the rediteller downstairs at the cafe was out of order, forcing me into the fresh air.

I got my money and almost skipped along the road to my favourite coffee pot – Punch.

As I neared the corner where my gym is, I blanched.

I’d forgotton to swap to the other side of the street and there, eyeballing me, was my former personal trainer – Dean – who remembered my name…

“Hey Cellobella, how’s it going?  Doing much exercise lately?”

Of course it was obvious that I hadn’t been.

I couldn’t get out of there quickly enough and I came up with the perfect exit line.

“So Dean, when is the next boot camp?”

“Not til January…”

“Oh,” I said, “What a shame… well, better go.  Bye!”

As if I was going to do boot camp.  *snort*

So how is the exercise-diet thing going?

Well I’ve been walking 3-4 times a week but the diet is a bit of a worry… apart from lunch.  The Lunch Club at work is still going strong and really works well.

I’m sitting here now, waiting for my lunch to arrive, waiting for the surprise!

Now if only I could organise a dinner club…

HASAY update

Well I’ve been eating healthily – apart from dessert on the weekend and drinking wine.

And I’ve been walking a lot more.

My friend said I looked like the exercise was working.

And I discovered that people like it if I wear my hair up.

Goals for this week:

To track what I eat
To walk at least 4 times

The Dress Project – Part 2

It’s finished.

Total cost $59.60 – I had to buy some more thread – although if I use the pattern again, that cost will go down slightly. 🙂

I’m wearing it to work today and getting lots of nice comments. 🙂

So here’s how it turned out in pictures…

It’s not perfect but for my first dress I’m quite happy with it.  It fits really well.

I used that hemming tape – it’s like double sided iron on interfacing – so easy.  And I might go back and use it around the neck line to hold the lining in place.

The pattern (Burda 7854) though a little fiddly was easy to follow and when I was patient enough to baste first and do all the right things I didn’t have to unpick… there was a bit of unpicking!

Anyway now that’s over I have three work dresses in my wardrobe (two to go) and time to follow up on my HASAY exercise which has sadly fallen by the wayside a bit with the birthday and all…

By the way – for all HASAY members who work – I’ve got a great idea to share with you so come back soon!