How hard can it be?

I was feeling a bit uninspired this evening.

Don’t want to cook dinner.

Don’t want to clean up.

Don’t want to do any work.

Don’t have a book on the go.

Don’t have any “projects”.

And then I hear a loud exclamation from the lounge room.

The show on the telly is The Biggest Loser.

“It’s really important that I make the right choice…” says the Loser in question…

“What?! How hard can it be?!!” Is what I hear, “They’re fries?!!!”

The Loser had to choose the product with the least fat. There was a 60g packet of muesli against a 72g packet of fries.

Put it this way: There was a good reason this person needed to be on the show.

Speaking of losers… did anyone catch My Kid’s A Star the other night?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Beger Photography ( Productions)