The final two

And the penultimate Idol post. You may be relieved to know.


On tonight’s performances. I think Matt will win.

The Wolfmother performance was pure class.

I did like Nat’s Kate Bush song but it was not as good as Matt’s Wolfmother number.

Here I Am is the name of the new single. Another BIG YAWN. I’m so sorry Matt and Nat that they put you through that. I’m even sorrier that we had to listen to it.

Why oh why can’t they choose a song that is upbeat, fun to listen to, maybe even catchy.

I thought Natalie did a better job but poor her for having to finish on such a crappy song.

So Opera House next and Matt should win.

Natalie had three wardrobe malfunctions – but without Kyle to call them so the show lost its edge – Now we know why we have judges!

I’m so bored with this series. Last year we were downloading songs and singing to them on the way to work – this year meh.

C’mon Ten, get it over with already!