Natalie wins!

(Despite some pretty serious wardobe malfunctions… and by that I of course refer mostly to the dress she arrived in. That was a toilet roll cover if ever I saw one.)

You see I was going to start this post with some remarks about Natalie’s choice in clothes tonight but then I saw Shallow Hal and I decided no.

I thought Natalie performed the winner’s single better than Matt and that in theƂ end is what got her over the line. It was her voice that I noticed when I heard the ads over the week.

So now we’ll see if she is an Australian Idol. If her success continues past the winner’s single and “The Journey” tour. And we’ll see whose career takes off.

I’m curious to hear her originals (and wasn’t that gracious of Matt to mention them).

I’m also curious to hear Matt’s first album.

And I’m going to have to think of a new thing to write about on Sundays…