My first time in Bali, told live without notes

So The Bird was a revelation.

What a great venue.

Small, intimate – yet with quite a lot of seating.

Cute bar.

Great acoustics.

(a little warm – but hey it’s winter soon… please tell me winter is happening this year)

It was the first night of Barefaced since the Blue Room season ended and we were all pretty hyped up.

Would anyone come?

What would the venue be like?

Would our stories be any good?

Can I remember my story??

No notes remember.

And how would the “out of the hat” idea work?

Well it was a great success IMHO.

First, the venue was packed, and thanks to those of you who came along to support me, and the other story tellers of course.

The venue was great.

Our stories were good – and I remembered (most of) mine.

And the out of the hat idea where two wildcard storytellers were drawn out on the night to tell their stories worked too.

Highlights – Shirley’s reaction when she wins the blue ribbon, Andrea’s Chooky Fowler (OMG hilarious!), Alison telling how she wagged school and was sent to hospital was classic and George’s trekking tale brought back some memories – I related!

The next session is last Tuesday of April – which is the day after Easter – and the theme is Heroes and Villains.

If you want to have a go – go to the website – and come along to our workshopping sessions – the more the merrier!

You can hear my first story here.

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  1. Great stuff!!! Braver than me… I’d have trouble making my story last long enough to be entertaining!!!

    Just realised I hadn’t subscribed to the blog so I was missing out on updates… have remedied that in VERY short order!


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