Sweet sixteen but has he been kissed?

Well as if I would know, I’m only his mother!

five months old
Five Months Old
Opening of the Graham Farmer Freeway
Opening of the Graham Farmer Freeway
At Rally Australia
At Rally Australia
sliding across lake deborah
Love this one, sliding across Lake Deborah
In our kitchen with his mate
Leaving for India
Leaving for India

So has he been kissed?

Watch the video to find out. 🙂

5 Replies to “Sweet sixteen but has he been kissed?”

  1. Teeheehee!! You’re such an embarrassing mum… I thought he handled the kissing question very well 😛 He might be a bit of a geek, but I think your boy will break hearts one day.

    Great idea, too. I’d love to do something like this every birthday with my future kids.

  2. That is awesome….my god …..how could he not think of a book answer….Every time I ever saw him when he was younger he had his head in one….just like his Mum. So you’re obviously too young to be his natural Mum so how old was he when you adopted him ??? You have done an awesome job in the parenting division !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

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