Sandshoes and Cinnamon

sandshoesGroover has bought some new sandshoes. Or to be more accurate, I have bought him some new sandshoes. It had to be done.

His last pair – note those stylish ones behind the gleaming new white ones – were bought in 1992. And he has worn them every year since. Sure he only puts them on once or twice a year and the rubber crystalised from age but they did last well.

In fact apart from the back-to-the-future-flashdance-esque-black-speckledy-trim – they are not that much different.

Except that now, I will be seen dead with him wearing sandshoes – his new ones.

Carol has asked me to relate the Cinnamon Roll story Armistead Maupin told when he spoke at the Octogon Theatre lately… it’s a little R-rated so children… turn away now!

Apparently Armistead had a friend – gay friend – who wanted to check he was not hetero. So he “went down” on a female friend who nervously had sprayed herself with a cinnamon scent. Afterward he was so traumatised by the whole affair that he could never bear the smell of cinnamon rolls and felt physically ill when he smelt them in malls and airports… something like that anyway. Sorry Carol – he tells it better. 🙂 So much so that now whenever I hear the term or see a cinnamon roll… I’m not thinking pastries.

Reading Harry Potter

Harry Potter

A very exciting day yesterday as we buy the latest Harry Potter book. The deal is Junior Poshi can read it first, but then I get to read it before she re-reads it. She finished the book at 2.30am last night. Bless.

Free Sample Saturday

One of my favourite food shops in Perth is The Boatshed in Cottesloe.

It is offensively expensive but it makes you feel good just looking at all the lovely food and they ALWAYS open up a new aisle if there is more than one person waiting.

I’m not that keen on the butchers and bakery sections but the main hall – fantastic.

The best day to go is Saturday, mid-morning. I call it Free Sample Saturday.

Last Saturday I was given a full cup of black coffee – creamy and lovely just as I like it – and the beans apparently come from sustainable farms. Whatever.

Then wandered inside, had a slice of pineapple, a couple of scoops of my favourite tomato salsa – it’s so good – with a couple of Surf Chips, wandered over to the deli counter and tried some veal sausages – very nice – and then a sample of cheese. Yummy yum yum. And then I confess to a tasting of that yummy almond and honey slice.

Sure I spent $70 on a few green apples and a pint of milk. But it was worth it. 🙂

Beer nuts

There is a world of difference between Farmland Beer Nuts and Nobby’s Beer Nuts. I forgot again. Meh.

Conspicuous Consumption

My Munted PhoneIn the past I’ve always maintained that a mobile phone for me is about making and receiving calls. Any other function – games, browsing whatever – I didn’t need.

And I’m not phone proud. Witness the munted beast which is currently my personal communication device.


It’s only a month away. The n95.  Will. Be. Mine.

(if they release them on an affordable plan)

Mmmmmm 5mpx camera….


Labile and Otiose

I am reading Salley Vickers’s novel Mr Golightly’s Holiday and finding a few obscure English words which I admit to not being familiar with. In fact my Concise Oxford is not familiar with them either and I had to resort to both volumes of my Shorter Oxford (which is longer) to get the appropriate definitions.

Now I am reasonably well read or rather I read a lot but I keep being tripped up by the words she uses in her novels – she of course is an academic so perhaps I should not be surprised.

Anyway “it pays to increase your wordpower” so for your erudition I will attempt to put both these newly aquired words to good use in a sentence.

My labile brain is unlikely to be able to cope with this task and if you have a dictionary I’m sure this blog will soon be the most otiose thing you have read this fine day.


In other news (speaking of lability) Groover and I bought a coffee machine today. I worked out how much we were spending on coffee – approximately $35 a week – 2 Long Black Muzz Buzz coffees a day – and we think we can justify the expense. Of course when you go into a coffee specialist you are offered the world but we settled for a median priced single boiler automatic coffee machine. The coffee is sublime – as tasted in the shop – and I look forward to saving money as of tomorrow!

If you are in the area – drop in – I would be ever so pleased to give our Saeco a workout!