Labile and Otiose

I am reading Salley Vickers’s novel Mr Golightly’s Holiday and finding a few obscure English words which I admit to not being familiar with. In fact my Concise Oxford is not familiar with them either and I had to resort to both volumes of my Shorter Oxford (which is longer) to get the appropriate definitions.

Now I am reasonably well read or rather I read a lot but I keep being tripped up by the words she uses in her novels – she of course is an academic so perhaps I should not be surprised.

Anyway “it pays to increase your wordpower” so for your erudition I will attempt to put both these newly aquired words to good use in a sentence.

My labile brain is unlikely to be able to cope with this task and if you have a dictionary I’m sure this blog will soon be the most otiose thing you have read this fine day.


In other news (speaking of lability) Groover and I bought a coffee machine today. I worked out how much we were spending on coffee – approximately $35 a week – 2 Long Black Muzz Buzz coffees a day – and we think we can justify the expense. Of course when you go into a coffee specialist you are offered the world but we settled for a median priced single boiler automatic coffee machine. The coffee is sublime – as tasted in the shop – and I look forward to saving money as of tomorrow!

If you are in the area – drop in – I would be ever so pleased to give our Saeco a workout!