I know that my hackles rise when someone disses my city and I try not to take it personally but I thought it an odd way to begin a concert last night by describing your host city as “quite nice”.

What was that about?

Dianne Reeves said she’d spent a little more time here than she had on her last visit in 1991 and she found Perth “quite nice and I like the wine.”

Well I found her concert, under the stars at Lake Karrinyup Country Club quite nice and I liked the wine (too much) as well.

I even saw the comet.

I thought her concert was a lovely background sound to playing cards and catching up with some great friends. Yes occasionally she said or sang something that caused me to look up but mostly I didn’t get into it.

I found her continual reverance and reference to her idol (Sarah Vaughn) over the top and boring – sure talk about it once but then move on lady – and her song selection for the most part – pedestrian. I was very disappointed with her final song – she left us on a low rather than a high.

But as I say, I wasn’t really there for the concert and we sat on our picnic blanket until the last bus left.

We had a great time, and I wish I liked Jazz enough to really appreciate the concert, but I suspect it wasn’t even that great a Jazz concert anyway.

Maybe in the end I did take her comment too personally. 🙂