In a New York Minute

“In a New York Minute, everything can change… things can get a little strange” DON HENLEY

I’m in this  Spontaneous Insanity show at the Subiaco Arts Centre and I am out of my comfort zone.

Featuring Libby, Glenn, Louisa and Shane

It is a wholly improvised show, with improvised music and improvised lighting.

Some of the cast with Glenn Hall (centre), the director.

Luckily I completely trust my fellow actors and the director.

It is really exciting to consider long form improvised theatre.

Unlike Theatresports, there are no games and the director gets more involved in the action.

Glenn, Bree and Emmet ham it up for the camera

We’re in the studio at Subiaco Arts Centre. There will be caberet seating – you know… little tables and chairs – and there will be nibbles on each table.

You will be close to the action.

Book here.

This is me - all dressed up with somewhere to go

Coffee in Subiaco

Coffee in Subiaco

This Sunday we pootled over to Subiaco for a coffee in one of our favourite coffee shops – Brew Ha.

Truth be told we’d be tempted to move back to Subi because we just love the ambiance and well… the coffee.

Coffee table

We also popped in to see some family friends as Groover was being computer consultant and helping with their (ancient) laptops – yes, if your laptop is more than 6 years old, it’s ancient.

Coffee with Hamish

While the Groovy one was making cyber magic, I went for a walk to see what caught my eye.

Subiaco Hotel

Peeling posters

When we got home we decided we really should investigate why our aerial was leaning at such an odd angle.

Roof works

And we discovered that it was bolted to a rotten piece of wood.

So rotten I could put my finger through it.

Frankly I’m surprised it stayed up as long as it had.

But I’m a busy girl so I left my handyman to it and swanned off to Theatresports dahling where we had a great workshop and a much better night on stage.


And really.

Could the world be a bad place with this beauty in it?


Aerial by the way – now straight and true – thanks to Groover and Son Pty Ltd.

So what is Theatresports anyway?

Jen asks me to get back to basics following my Life Lessons from Theatresports post so here goes…

Theatresports was created by a guy called Keith Johnstone.

First of all Theatresports is a vehicle for improvised theatre.

A mechanic.

Ah but what is improvised theatre?

Acting without a script would be the first thing that comes to mind.

Theatresports then gives you a framework for a show… and games to set up the improvisation.

For example – you could do a game called “n-words” – this is one of my favourites.

In this game each person is given a certain number and they can only say that number of words at one time.

It can be hilarious.

If you can remember that you only have a certain number of words to say!

Another fave is when two cast members speak in gibberish and the other two “translate” what they are saying.

And I love “sing about it” – even though I can’t sing – here the MC calls out Sing About It during a scene and the actors have to make up a song on the spot.

I guess I love it because I can’t sing but this gives me licence to.

Having said that, I never got to play it in the three nights I was on.


Another favourite is Half Life.

In this game you improvise a scene, then replay it in half the time, half the time again, and so on until you replay it in about 3 seconds.

It is a lot of fun.

You play in teams, but the competition is really for the audience.

Does that make any sense at all?

Suffice to say that it is a bit like stepping off a cliff – you have no idea what the night will throw at you – you just have to step off and go for it.

It is very liberating.

And isn’t that what we do in life anyway?

** I don’t think I’ve done that great a job – help anyone?

My thespian

No.  These fellows in the pool are not thespians.

Well… they might be… but more likely they are miners.

I’m in Karratha and that is the pool at the caravan park where I’m staying.

And yes.  I did slip into the water in my bikini.

I stayed up my end though. 🙂

Last night I was in Frenantle at the Victoria Hall on stage.

Yes it was my first Theatresports performance.

Groover was on first and you know what?  He is a natural.

First up he led his team in a children’s television style impro – very funny.

Then they sang a tribute song – a la “We Are The World” – to the audience suggestion of the cause of flatulent children.

“The Wind in You” was fantastic.

I was offstage wetting my pants laughing.

But not for long because then it was my turn to be on stage.

I was lucky to be paired with a seasoned theatresports pro and a drama teacher and they were brilliant.

It was such fun I wanted to keep going.

After the interval we were heading back upstairs for the second half.

Groover had a glass of wine and when we heard a woman say “Excuse me…” we both thought she was going to tell him off for taking it into the theatre.

But no.

She was trying to get his attention to encourage him to audition for Arsenic and Old Lace.

“Can you do accents?”

Can he do accents?  Of course.

How groovy is that!  After only two performances in his life!

We went upstairs to watch the second half – all the really experienced players do the second half and it is awesome – and Groover had such a big grin on his face.

If you live in Perth and want a fun night out – trust me the second half is hilarious – come down to the Victoria Hall – performance starts at 6pm and it is all over by eight.

More info

Meantime I’m in sunny Karrachi (as the locals call it).

I’ve played some social tennis tonight and tomorrow night we’re heading out to Dampier for some Chinese food.

Sounds like a plan to me.