I am not loving apple at the moment. Apples still okay.

WARNING: The following is a rant. You may wish to stop at the pretty picture.

Sometimes I HATE the world and it's mostly when I look at my phone

So you’re thinking (or maybe you’re not), how can the person who saw the beauty in a morning sunlight on the river hate the world.

I’m blaming Apple.


How annoying is it to have to log in to your Apple ID every time you want to download a FREE app for your phone?

I can tell you.

VERY annoying.

Especially as Apple seems to mysteriously forget my password every time.

A password that has to have ridiculously complicated things.

Which are IMPOSSIBLE to easily type with the STUPID keypad that iphones have.

So I won’t forget my latest password because it is EXACTLY what I say every time I have to enter it.

Expletives are involved.


Get me some Game of Thrones to watch STRAIGHT AWAY!

Ahhhhh that’s better.

How to dial an old-style telephone

See I didn’t think you would need a lesson but then, probably, you’re not 14.

It has taken nearly two years but finally we have got cable which means we can now use my old bakelite phone as the house phone.

Ahhh I am quite excited but the rest of the family, less so.

Groover: It’s useless! I tried to call a 1300 number today and I had to “press 1” but you can’t on that phone.

Dippity: So does that mean I can’t take the phone into my bedroom??!

Hugamuga: Meh. I don’t use the phone anyway.

It’s not as if we don’t already have a surfeit of phones in this house – five active mobiles at last count, and one spare.

I quite like not having an answering machine too. After all, if you really want to speak to me you’ll ring me on one of my mobiles right?

And who uses caller ID anyway.

So for those of you who want to go retro communicado – here’s a little how-to video from my girl.

In other news – which you might also get if you rang us on our home phone – my boy finished his last exam today. It was Geography and he reckons it went well.

Interview for St George’s tomorrow. Good luck!