I am not loving apple at the moment. Apples still okay.

WARNING: The following is a rant. You may wish to stop at the pretty picture.

Sometimes I HATE the world and it's mostly when I look at my phone

So you’re thinking (or maybe you’re not), how can the person who saw the beauty in a morning sunlight on the river hate the world.

I’m blaming Apple.


How annoying is it to have to log in to your Apple ID every time you want to download a FREE app for your phone?

I can tell you.

VERY annoying.

Especially as Apple seems to mysteriously forget my password every time.

A password that has to have ridiculously complicated things.

Which are IMPOSSIBLE to easily type with the STUPID keypad that iphones have.

So I won’t forget my latest password because it is EXACTLY what I say every time I have to enter it.

Expletives are involved.


Get me some Game of Thrones to watch STRAIGHT AWAY!

Ahhhhh that’s better.