Ukulele bella – why this girl bought herself a uke

This is my new ukulele

So I bought myself a ukulele for my birthday.

I guess it all started with coming across this group on my morning walk.

That was back in 2008.

And then I saw you could buy ukes for about $30 and I thought, well why not.

But I never got round to it.

Then a few weeks ago, after taking my cello in to get restrung, I had a chat to the fellow at the local music store who told me about how he had recently taken his ukulele on a camping trip and how everyone had wanted to have a go.

He convinced me that noob that I am, I would soon pick it up.

And then convinced me that a $30 ukulele sounds crap and I may as well spend a little bit more and enjoy the sound that I made… the cheap ones really sound tinny and thin.

So yesterday.  The day I went to see the Queen.  I bought a ukulele.

It’s a Cordoba.

I don’t know anything about anything musical but I did feel good when the other shop assistant said “whoh – where did you find that?” to my shop assistant.

Now of course they might have a hundred out the back and this might be ‘the line’ to help reinforce the purchase decision, whatever, it worked. I bought it.

And it even has a cute little case and a tuning pipe. (which I will never use because my ear isn’t that good and also I downloaded an app and just in case that doesn’t work I have an electronic tuner for my cello)

So I’ve been practicing my chords.

I’m learning about chord progressions and tabs and strumming rhythms.

The tips of my fingers on my left hand are sore and the nails are now cut short.

I’ve been searching the internet for good tutorials to try.

Let me know if you come across any.

In the meantime you’ll find me at Chez Cellobella strumming tunelessly  all afternoon.


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