A jack of all trades, master of none

by Cellobella on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 · 1 comment

Me getting into the whole archeology thing

So you know I’ve recently bought a ukulele – “oh I so admire how you throw yourself at things” a friend observed.


Well I do try things… but do I stick to them… not so much.

(well apart from the organisation I work for… 22 years!)

Here’s the list of short courses/hobbies that I can remember starting in the last say 17 years:

  • Ukulele - started this week – have sore fingertips through practice!
  • Cello – started when son was 3.  No formal lessons. I can’t play it
  • Italian – did lessons back in 1989, then CDs in 2005.  Can’t speak Italian except for swear words.
  • French – went to Alliance Francais once or twice.  Still crap at French.
  • Horseriding – did this for about 6 months at Claremont Showgrounds.  Still have jodphurs.  Lost my helmet.
  • Teddy bear making – have made two teddy bears.
  • Sewing - have a big pile of fabric that I will one day make into something… maybe.
  • Knitting – made jumpers and hats for kids when they were tiny. 
  • Belly dancing – have still got the jangly outfits.
  • Ballet – needed to work on my pelvic floor post children for this to continue.
  • Ballroom dancing – Mr Cha Cha’s ballroom at Perth Festival back in 2005.
  • Shorthand – thought it would be useful – managed 2 weeks of course
  • Religious studies (through Open University) – thought it would be interesting – didn’t hand any assignments in
  • Archeology- went on a dig – thought about doing a post grad.
  • Theatresports – great fun last year with Spontaneous Insanity
  • Zumba – oh yeah I went a few times – I was going every week.  And then they closed the hall.
  • Storytelling – started in January with Barefaced  – love it.
  • Guitar – I was six months pregnant – it was hard to reach
  • Script writing – a short course I did in Bunbury a long time ago
  • Painting with pastels – did this a few summers ago with UWA summer school
  • Bridge.  Started in 1992 and still going (with a 10 year hiatus for kids) – good to see I stick at something.

Hmmm maybe I’ve just worked out why I don’t stick at going to the gym and dieting…

This wasn’t supposed to be a meme but what about you?

What’s your list of things you’ve tried/are trying?

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