It’s my birthday and I’ll whinge if I want to


Okay I’m not really whinging.

I like Melbourne.

I could live here. No. Really.

(Anyone want to offer me a job?)

But the thing with the tram lines does my head in.

I feel like a bird in an aviary.

Or Truman in The Truman Show.

Does anyone else feel like that?


Just me?


4 Replies to “It’s my birthday and I’ll whinge if I want to”

  1. I haven’t been to Melbourne in a long time, so I don’t remember the tram lines. Are they that close all over or just in the city centre? Now I’m imagining them covered in birds like that Alfred Hitchcock movie…

    That is an odd looking cactus in the previous post, perhaps it will loook better after a few years weathering?

  2. Melbourne is a birthday gal’s best wish: Southbank; National Gallery, Potter Gallery; Contemporary Art gallery, Brunswick, Smith, Chapel Street; Lygon, Russell, Carlisle Streets; trams at everyone will help youo get to the others. Tip (taken from pic: Look forward, not up.)

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