Vladimir Putin is a vampire

So as you know Vladimir Putin is Russia’s Prime Minister.

Sadly my daughter didn’t and when she saw the name Vladimir she immediately thought “head vampire”.

As you would, given her classic education which included the Twilight series.

And you know… she’s 12.

We were playing the Name Game – have you played it?

It’s a classic parlour game.

First everyone writes down about ten names on slips of paper and puts them in the middle – you want 60-80 names.

The names can be famous or just famous to you.

You nearly always get Adolf Hitler and Margaret Thatcher but once a friend of Groover’s put in the entire 1973 line up of Leeds United.

I don’t recommend that.


Anyway once the names are in, divide into teams… and you take turns to pick up slips of paper and try and get your team-mates to tell you the name on the slip of paper.

You get one minute per turn.

You have four rounds of play:

First round you can use as many words as you like to describe the person without using initials etc… so for Vladimir for example – you might say “Russian Prime Minister… no not Medvedev… this guy was president before Medvedev… he’s quite good looking, fit guy… actually so is Medvedev… his last name is the opposite of takeout… etc.”

Second round you have three words:  For example “Russian Prime Minister”  or as my darling daughter said “Head vampire man”.

Third round you have one word:  eg “Russian” although in our game we said “vampire”.

And finally in the fourth round – no words, just actions. 

You can imagine the actions we had!

So you can see that sometimes it’s better NOT to know who the name is.

I remember my brother once referring to Bronwyn Bishop (Liberal politician) as “some churchy chick”.

I never looked at her the same way again.

All of this is to say that it was a lovely weekend down in Dunsborough.

Good friends, fine wine and of course the name game!

And who knows… maybe Vladimir Putin IS a vampire?

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  1. To be honest it might be the 1971 line up. Harvey came in for Sprake at some point and Madeley was the ‘play anywhere’ substitute. A great era for Leeds when all their players were internationals.

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