Bali Bombers on death row

You know, I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with this endless… what would you call it… vigil… wait… for the deaths of the Bali bombers.

It’s as if as soon as they are gunned down by the firing squad the whole of Australia can take a deep breath and feel safe again.

It’s bollocks.

Three more deaths is not going to bring our innocence back.

Yes, these men committed a heinous crime. No one could dispute that.

Yes, they don’t appear to be repentant. At all.

And yes I so feel for the families and the victims of the attack.

But to say these men deserve the death penalty just feels so wrong to me.

I don’t believe in the death penalty. I don’t think it solves anything. It doesn’t bring the victims back. It doesn’t deter others.  It makes martyrs of criminals.

And how can the Australian government appeal for clemency for Australians overseas if we don’t speak up for these men?

All the death penalty does is bring law abiding citizens down to the same level – and I don’t want to go there.

I just don’t want to go there.

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  1. I agree with you 100% we have to hold our society to a higher moral standard. This eye for an eye stuff is outdated.

    Don’t they want the publicity? Don’t they want the martyrdom? Why give it to them?

  2. And for a group of people who believe that this is the ultimate price to pay for their faith (i.e. to give your life for your faith and be rewarded in your afterlife) – what lesson is it REALLY teaching those in their world, let alone those of us in ours?

    We walk along this knife edge at our own peril I think… come the day it happens – they’ll be gone… and then what? It’ll still be a damn empty and largely unfulfilled world for those who’ve lost loved ones, those who were injured, and those who wake up at night in a cold sweat.

    It’s not that easy… and we should know better!

    Wanted to comment earlier – but got quite crook up here – yuck!

    Cheers 😉

  3. Totally agree..we cannot condemn the death penalty when it suits us. we’re either always for it, or always against it..we can’t have it both ways. although their crimes were truly horrible, killing them is not going to bring the victims back, and it is not going to stop any future terrorism. we should take the higher moral ground and say no to the death penalty in all circumstances

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