Going bananas!

Hand of bananas with color enhanced

At the breakfast buffet this morning, a buffet I might point out that is not cheap at $27 a head, my dining companion was surprised to note that there were no bananas.

“This is Queensland right?”

She asked bemused and we confirmed that yes we are in the banana state. A state that prides itself on its bananas. Whose inhabitants are in fact known as “banana benders”.

So we asked one of the waitpersons…

“Oh we have bananas”, she said, “but you need to ask for them. They’re expensive you know…”

No. I don’t know. Yes they did get a bit pricey following Cyclone Larry but I reckon you could pick up a bunch for under $3.90 a kilo without trying very hard.


Even more bizarre was the response when we asked why the milk jug had little yellowy orange lumps on the inside… had it not been washed properly?

No. It was the sun apparently.

The sun has strange properties on this side of the country. Watch out!

Creative Commons License photo credit: bastique