Community Blogger Award

As you might know I received the Nice Matters Award recently from Joh and it was lovely to get especially as she had only just discovered this blog. Well I’ve noticed a person who has been so kind and helpful to this blogger and many others. I’ve noticed her helpful tips appearing on blogs as I surf around and I thought I’d award her the NMA.

But then I thought well I don’t really want to award her something for Nice Matters – although nice does matter. I wanted the award to say – this is a person who reaches out and makes my blogger community a better one.

So I’ve a made up a new award.

community blogger award

So without further ado please congratulate Meg from Blogpond, the inaugural winner of this little award which is just a way to say thanks for all her tips, good humour and advice. Thank you.

PS: Please feel free to award this to a blogger you think deserves it.