I didn’t get the job

by Cellobella on Friday, October 12, 2007 · 6 comments

But don’t feel bad on my behalf… you see they are changing the management structure to include a third role which is kind of a 2IC role to my boss.  Details yet to be worked out… and there’s a three month trial to see if it works… and I’ll be acting and probably have to apply for it if they decide to go ahead.  At least I have my CV prepared!

It sounds pretty interesting – I get to do pilots and program development and I get to be on-air more.  If I could do it 4 days a week- that would be heaven! Oh and I do the online editor thang which is my ballywick anyway.  So it’s a win-win and the person doing my old job will be great.

Anyway I’m flying to Melbourne next week for talks on how the new role will work so any tips on great places/shops to get a bit of shopping in… I should have some time on Thursday afternoon… :)


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