Who Killed Channel 9?

Just finished Gerald Stone’s book about the fall and fall of Channel 9. I suspect it has more resonance for eastern staters… in Perth Channel 7 is the powerhouse and Channel 9 well… doesn’t cut it. I can’t remember the last time they won the news ratings.

However it wasn’t that long ago that Channel 9 in Perth filled in their pool for cost cutting reasons and Kerry Packer was a colourful figure on the media landscape.

It was an interesting read and dealt with the period from 2002 to earlier this year. It was a bit of a hatchet job and I could hear the longing in Gerald’s tone for the Golden Age… as he continually referred to it. When money flowed and all that mattered was winning the ratings and being the best.

But I think the conclusion would have to be that in fact Kerry killed Channel 9, his beloved television station, through the management team he put in place at PBL. Seems a pity really.

My son’s observation: “Channel 9 just seems to copy Channel 7.”

I must say it’s not often that I watch the commercials unless I’ve recorded the program on my PVR first so I can flick the ads.

In other news. My boy’s football team won their first game of the season today against one of the better sides. How does the team song go now?