Yeah no, not into these


Seen today at the carpark at work. On a scooter. (I don’t think the bub is born yet)

Not for me

What is it with these stickers?

They. Are. Everywhere.

An Australian invention apparently.

Sorry world.

Harsh but fair

But I must say I don’t care that he doesn’t care, even though I don’t care either.

Sign me up for the next season of Grumpy Old Women.

12 Replies to “Yeah no, not into these”

  1. I just cringe at the stickers that people use to represent themselves. Dad with a computer/football and mum with tennis racquet/bags of shopping. Aaaargh. But then given I used to drive around with a 96fm suburb sticker on my car in the 80s I can’t really talk.

  2. That is funny:)

    I have family stickers on my 14 seater Hi ace bus. Eight children , two parents and two dogs.

    I wonder if people think that when they see it.


  3. oh and I am represented with a baby bump. Now that is funny!

    No more baby bumps for me.

    My quiver is full.

    My cup runneth over.

    Just need to take action.

  4. Little bits of plastic that some people like to put on there car – do they really need to be judged?? Are there no other fish to fry?? Your thoughts on the cigarette plain paper packaging?? The mad dude who killed tons of people in Norway?? The fact that Prince is not coming to Perth??????

  5. Sarah-Jane… I don’t think the Norwegian guy is mad, I think he is bad. I don’t care about plain packaging on cigarettes, I don’t smoke. And you need to get over the Prince thing. 🙂

    Tangiora, are those stickers easy to get off so you can replace the bumpy one? If I had eight kids, I think I’d probably get the stickers. Just sayin’. 😉

  6. Yes! Maybe a Hot looking skinny sticker would be nice – (prophetic of whats to come as I have been training with a personal trainer).

    Every time I look in the rear vision mirror, I will be reminded to get fit and healthy (and look good) to run around after my children and every other thing I love to do.


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