Raspberry patch



I’ve planted a raspberry bush.

I love raspberries but at $10 a punnet who can afford to eat them!

We buy the frozen ones sometimes as a special treat and the kids make short work of them.

The best raspberries I’ve ever tasted were at a berry farm on the east coast of Tasmania.

Oh rapture!

I bought the plant at the Mt Claremont Farmers Market last weekend.

My gardening advisor said lots of organic matter and a handful of some fast release fertiliser in the bottom of the hole.

Water every day.

Does this look like a happy raspberry plant?

Apparently raspberries send out runners and I could end up with a raspberry corner.

Bring it on!

Of course my pommy husband Groover was skeptical.

“I grew up with raspberries” sniffs he, “and they will never survive in Perth!”

Yeah whatever.

*blows raspberry*

We’ll see who is right in a few months and whether four years studying agricultural science actually counts for anything.

3 Replies to “Raspberry patch”

  1. my brother and i figured out how to spell the raspberry blowing sound blzdbbbyghhhhz or something like that! your raspberry plant looks very happy and healthy!

  2. Your plant looks very healthy. Of course it will survive and thrive in Perth. I was told I couldn’t grow cherries in Adelaide, the soil was too poor and the weather not cold enough through winter. Yet the tree survives and did at one summer give me a whole kilo of delicious cherries. Then the water restrictions came in…

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