I was telling a mate the other day about a funny thing my son said in the car on the way to school.

He asked me what the safety rating of my car was.

I said I had no idea but it was probably a lot less with me driving it.


And my friend said – in a serious tone – oh yes well you are a bit of a tailgator aren’t you?

Am I?

*worried look*

No I’m not!

Am I?

So I asked Groover.

No… he said after some considered thought… I wouldn’t say you’re a tailgator…

(not the ringing endorsement I was looking for but I’ll take it)

And then I got my son to take a photo when we’re driving as proof.



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  1. Visit Adelaide, we’re choc-a-block with tailgaters here. Bumper to bumper all the way. It’s like they think the building will be gone if they hang back a bit and get there 2 minutes later.

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