Red or Blue


Remember this scene from The Matrix?

Take the blue pill and you stay asleep… take the red and wake up to reality?

Why did they choose those colours?

Why blue and red?

It might be based in science.

I was listening to some back-episodes of my new favourite podcast – RadioLab – and one of the stories that stood out for me on the Placebo episode was the story about why the colour of pills is important.

Apparently – and this is true for everyone except Italian men – if you take a blue pill you sleep better than if you take a red pill.

Same ingredients – very different effect.

So why the anomoly with Italian men?

According to the scientist – it’s because of their football team:
The sight of that blue colour excites Italian men so much they can’t sleep… or don’t sleep as well as say other men taking a blue pill.


I wonder if Viagra is more effective in Italy?

Now there’s a research project people!

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