Smug satisfaction

It’s a little bit embarrassing to admit this but I feel a little kernel of smug satisfaction when I’m right… and Groover’s wrong.

Take the other day.

We were on our way down south (for our 19th anniversary meeting getaway).  A friend had kindly lent us her convertible and we were excited about exploring all the features.

We set off sharing a large coffee, sunnies on, the top up and before we’d turned the corner I suggested we take the top down before we hit the freeway so we could feel the wind in our hair (well, my hair) and the sun on our sunscreen covered shoulders.

There’s a button on the overhead console.

You do the honours, said Groover magnanimously and then…

No!  Not that way!

I’m sure it’s this way, said I.

You’re wrong, he said.

But though we pressed it this way and that, the roof refused to retract.

We pulled over and I consulted the manual… what?! I’m a girl!

It appears that the luggage separator must be fully employed, I read from the passenger seat as Groover in that manly way that guys have around cars opened the boot and starts shuffling luggage.

Try that, he said, but the roof again failed to budge.

I’ll try, I said, as Groover sat back in the driver’s seat.

On the luggage separator is a little diagram and I could see that it hadn’t been – what did they call it – fully employed.

I “employed” it, repacked the suitcases and said, it’ll work now, and it did, when, that is, he pressed the button in the way that I suggested!

I felt so good!

Yes I suppose it’s a little mean spirited but there is a LOT of satisfaction being right around Groover.

He’s just so confident in his opinion and capabilities, some inane part of being a bloke I suspect.

And, if I’m honest, it feels even better when I am right and he is wrong.

So we’re driving along, top down, wind in hair etc, and I mention this feeling to Groover.

Does it feel the same to you when you’re right, and I’m wrong?

No.  I’m just happy that the problem is solved.  It’s not a competition you know.

Yeah right.

And then the GPS incident occurred, but that’s another story.

4 Replies to “Smug satisfaction”

  1. Oh it’s ALWAYS a competition – my boyfriend says the same thing, but I know he loves it when he is right! Not that that happens very often, of course!

  2. I told my kids a few weeks ago: “I know everything…” and then quickly addesd “And I also know what I dont know…” That is true smugness, and it’s stopped them saying: “I hate it when you know everything.”

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