A Lady Di moment

One of the most famous images of Lady Di – before she married Chuck – was the picture of her outside the daycare centre with the see-through skirt. Remember that?

Well I discovered that when I walk in sunlight the same thing happens to my dress.

Yes that dress in the photo.

I made it over the Christmas break and mostly I’m quite happy with it, you know apart from the see-through bit.

So I’ve decided to line the skirt with black fabric and also lengthen it by about two inches so it sits on the knee because for me… it’s also a tad too short.

Sorry Ken, told you you might be in for a disappointment. 🙂

Ahhhh the end of 2008.  I go into the new year sitting by a backyard pool, eating and drinking with friends, followed by Guitar Hero World Tour.

Rock on 2009!

5 Replies to “A Lady Di moment”

  1. DON’T lengthen the skirt. Buy a good quality lining and make THAT two inches longer than the skirt. This will tie in with the black waistband for a co-ordinated look and give you the length you want.

  2. As long as its not pornographic, the idea pof letting the sun shine through a dress is pretty sexy. So just put in the lining thing a few inches above the knee, to keep your dignity, and keep others guessing?

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