Good thing you can’t read my mind

Don’t you hate it when someone asks you:  “Well what do you think?”

Be it a new car, tv, dress, pair of jeans, website, quality of card play or haircut it is a minefield most of us fear to tread.

Cars for instance.  For me they are a form of transport.  Sure I love that new car smell and shiny leather uphostery.  I especially like blue dashboard lights and expandible cup holders but I’m hard pressed to tell a Honda from a Mazda from a Mazerati (they are the flat ones aren’t they?).

I’m not one for appreciating the line of the spoilers or whatever they are.  I’m never going to fall into that “pimp my car” category, no neon lights under my chassy baby.

Same with television sets.  I like them big and flat but do I know the difference between a Panasonic and a Sony?  No.  Can I really see better definition in one over the other?  No.

So don’t ask me to comment on cars and tellys… or computers – can I tell what graphics card you’ve installed?  No.  

Does my bum look big in this?

When you don’t have the jargon and you don’t want to hurt the asker’s feelings – what do you do?  

It’s the classic – does my bum look big in this scenario?

Frankly you don’t want the answer – you just want appreciation.

So that’s why you’ll hear me comment on the sleek lines of your turbo charged machine, the definition so crisp you feel you could pull a hair out of that actor’s head, the lack of lag time in that grisly-so-violent-I-can’t-bear-to-look game you’re playing.

Do I really have an opinion?  No.

But I care about you and I want to be enthusiastic about the things you like.

Which leads to the real subject of this post.

My new haircut.

It’s a little… short.  But just think of it as always-having-my-hair-up.

Groover has an honesty in comments policy – which is good because I know when he really likes something but it’s bad because I also know when he really doesn’t.

I’m a little nervous.

So here’s my strategy:

I’ve texted him from the hair salon: “Don’t freak out.  I’ve got short hair!”

My plan is to get him to imagine the worst – some scary Prisoner (Cell Block H) style – and then when he walks in the door the reality will be a relief.

That woman up the back looks scary doesn’t she?

I don’t look that scary…

Update:  he’s either a very convincing liar… or he liked it!  (my strategy worked… bwah ha ha!)

By the way, the title of today’s post comes from a great song by Christine Lavin – check out the lyrics!  Classic.

7 Replies to “Good thing you can’t read my mind”

  1. It’s great. Do you know it kind of harks back (in a good way) to the assymetrical cuts of the early 80s. I always loved my assymetrical human league cut and was wondering myself whether to go there again. You are ahead of your time!

  2. Wow, that’s short! But it does suit your face. On a more personal level, I could never have hair hanging in front of my eye like that. I much prefer seeing out of both eyes at once. As to the original question, “what do you think”, usually I say just what I think, UNLESS the question is “does my bum look big in this?” The answer to that is always “NO”.

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