Taking rainbows for granted

Guest post from Groover

There is an old proverb which says “The best place to hide a leaf is in a forest”. In other words, a nice way to say: “sometimes we fail to notice the things that are right under our nose”. I met a new Australian the other day who had recently arrived here in Perth from the UK and without knowing she pointed out a leaf in our forest.


During the the usual exchange of ex-Pom niceties she said something which struck a chord, “I have seen more rainbows here in Perth in the past 2 months than in an entire lifetime of living in London!”. It’s true, the inclement skies of Northern Europe rarely treat its citizens with the full-on glory of a spectacular rainbow. Yet here in Perth, nature frequently rewards us with ostentatious displays of colour across the horizon.

I’d forgotten how special this minor miracle is and how good it makes me feel.

It got me wondering. We’re surrounded by rainbows. The smell of slow-cooked garlic and rosemary lamb-shanks wafting through the house on a winter’s day. Watching my 11-year-old daughter smile to herself as she reads a book. We spend lots of our lives looking at life through the lens of a half-full glass and yet nature is constantly playing full out in the game and we barely notice.

What rainbows are happening in your life that you are taking for granted?