A foolproof way to get Blu-Tack off a painted wall

Honestly, can there be anything more satisfying than a heavy thick drill in your hands as you shudder your way to making a hole in an up till then smooth blemishless surface.

No. There isn’t.

Today I have been a handywoman. I’ve been to the hardware store TWICE. Here are my projects.

The first to hang a pin-up board over the mess my daughter had made of her wall STICKING – with GLUE – pictures on it.

Pin Up Board

The second project was brought about because of the gas crisis and the need to save electricity in the home. Okay. And the dryer broke.

The bottom line, it’s the middle of winter and we needed indoor hanging space.

At first I thought I’d get one of those stands but then I saw this retractable line and I was sold. I got out my (Groover’s) trusty drill and voila!

The Washing Line
Forgive the crappy photo 🙂

So now to the reason you’ve made it this far – the way I discovered to get rid of Blu-Tack…

Blu-Tack Solution

So I was rubbing the pencil marks that I’d made to drill the holes in the right places when I was putting up the pin-up board with an ordinary plastic eraser – the kind kids get at school – and I saw that my naughty daughter had also tried to put up posters with the tacky stuff. So I rubbed the eraser over the Blu-Tack marks and OMG they came off a treat!

A bonus for me after all my hard work.