Not remotely funny anymore

Our remotes

So Groover has gone and upped the ante on the televisual system. We’ve got a playstation – that we also use to play dvds, and a PVR – Personal Video Recorder – basically a hard drive that will record television. I do love a PVR as you get a telly guide and that makes recording a cinch. Groover’s also got surround sound and that means everything has to go through an amp. So now we have a remote for the telly, the playstation and the PVR AND another for the amp – which everything goes through.

To watch telly here’s what I have to do.

Pick up remote one – the telly remote – and click it on.
Pick up the amp remote and click one – to select the PVR.
Pick up the PVR remote and click it on.

Walk away with the PVR remote and use that.

Sounds simple? It’s taken me ages to work it out. I’m overwhelmed by remotes.

Still I’d rather have them than actually get up and walk to the telly to press a button. Imagine doing that?!!!

Ah nostalgia… it ain’t what it used to be.