Why I hate generic brands

Have you noticed how many “home” brands there are in our major supermarkets these days? Not just the really cheap versions – the old “black and gold” labelled gear – but now a more premium range.

The Select brand from Woolies

In Coles for instance you get their Smart Buy cheap brand… then the You’ll Love Coles brand and a new Coles premium brand.

It’s the same in Woolworths… the cheap brand and the “Select” range.

They are usually substantially cheaper than the other brands.

It’s nasty.

It’s insidious.

And I know it’s mostly the same food.

You\'ll love Coles brand

I remember going to one of the dairy companies to see how they processed milk and seeing the cheddar cheese being chopped into smaller blocks and being wrapped in plastic with several different labels.

That’s right.

The same cheese – just different labels.

So I know it’s most likely the same food but – and this is my sticking point – I don’t like being manipulated by the big corporate supermarkets into squeezing out the smaller manufacturers. The other manufacturers. I just don’t like it.

I buy branded food on principal… my one-woman stand against the corporate giants who will one day ONLY sell “their” food – and then who will get to set the prices?

One guess.