I love election day!

I know this is my third post of the day but I just can’t help but express my joy… don’t you just LOVE election day?!

It’s not just the fact at last the six week campaign is over, it’s the whole process. The going down to the local primary school, walking past all those loyal party faithful handing out how to vote cards, ticking off your name and getting your green and white papers, walking into a little booth, picking up that little pencil on a string, numbering from 1-7 (I think we have seven candidates including an independent planning to vote for multi-partner marriage – though why she thinks she needs more than one husband I don’t know), enjoying the chance to number the senate ticket 1-45 (or however many – you vote below the line don’t you… don’t you?), posting the papers, handing back the how-to-vote cards, and then tuning in at 4pm to the start of the election coverage with friends.

Yes my dears, bliss. This is what being an Australian is. A big shared experience.

Bring. It. On.