8 things meme

Lovely Lightening passed this on so I thought I’d have a go. Answers in no particular order… 🙂

8 Things I Am Passionate About

  1. My Family
  2. Playing bridge
  3. Reading
  4. Hanging out with friends
  5. Being involved in a community
  6. My blog
  7. Playing other card/board games
  8. Sleeping

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

  1. Grow old (I agree with you Lightening)
  2. Play bridge at Verona
  3. Travel in a spacecraft… in space
  4. Write a book
  5. Take singing lessons (and boy do I need them)
  6. Play Bach Cello Suite No 1 (this will take some doing as I can’t play the cello)
  7. Visit Antartica
  8. Have a wardrobe specialist come to my house and sort out my clothes and then get him/her to buy me a complete, tasteful, new set of clothes. Including at least one pair of Jimmy Choos and another by Blahnik. Sigh.

8 Things I Say Often

  1. Pick up your clothes/hat/brush/homework/shoes/socks/schoolbag etc
  2. I must get my car cleaned!
  3. I need to go on a diet.
  4. I need to do more exercise.
  5. Where are your glasses/is your mobile phone?
  6. Has anyone seen my keys?
  7. In a minute.
  8. I said, I would be there in a minute!

8 Books I’ve Read Recently

  1. “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” by Michael Chabon (currently reading)
  2. “Skin and Bone” by Kathryn Fox
  3. “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khalid Housseini
  4. “Miss Webster and Cherif” by Patricia Duncker
  5. “Sweet Obscurity” by Patrick Gale
  6. “Those Faraday Girls” by Monica McInerney
  7. “Notes from an Exhibition” by Patrick Gale
  8. “The Stars’ Tennis Balls” by Stephen Fry

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

  1. Fightback from the musical Keating!
  2. The rest of the soundtrack of Keating!
  3. Anything by Christine Lavin – and in Summer (this is for you Kelley) Air Conditioner
  4. This is Austin by Blake Shelton
  5. The Long Way Home by Supertramp
  6. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish from the Hitchhikers soundtrack
  7. Yellow Fish
  8. Another Perfect Day by Butterfly 9

8 Things that Attract Me to My Best Friends

  1. Feistiness
  2. Loyalty
  3. Kindness
  4. Ability to make me laugh
  5. Sensibleness – especially when I’m not being so
  6. Sense of fashion 🙂
  7. Strength
  8. Incredible beauty

8 People Who Should Totally Do This Meme

  1. H&B
  2. Carol
  3. Thirdcat
  4. Drew
  5. Feline
  6. Hot water
  7. Gacjezv
  8. James

I found this meme surprisingly fun to do. I didn’t think I’d be able to find 8 things for each category, especially the music one – but I did! Hope you enjoy it too. 🙂