I’ve lost my keys

And I need some internet voodoo to find them!

So I got to work at 6am yesterday, dropped my bag on my desk and went into the studio for a quick cross.  Then back at my desk doing emails and stuff which included making a powerpoint presentation – such fun – at about 11am I had a meeting with the promos guy then I walked across the road to buy a coffee and then for the rest of the day I stayed in the office.

At 5pm when I suddenly realised what the time was I couldn’t find my keys!

After searching the studio, the promo guy’s studio, the coffee shop, the route I walked in, my bag, the office, I still couldn’t find my keys and they haven’t shown up yet despite an all-staff email.

So dear friends – I need your help – please send me your “You will find your keys!”  energy.  Just the thought will help and tomorrow…

I. Will. Find. My. Keys.

(Just going in now to put a knot in the teatowel)

5 Replies to “I’ve lost my keys”

  1. I lost my work key and I am so careful to keep it in my pants pocket until I get home and put it in my purse. I work graveyards and take care of special people – so the last thing I need at night is to get locked out of the house. I feel so stupid – cus I’m so reliable and responsible.

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